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New Relic enhances AI capabilities with NVIDIA integration

ByYasmeeta Oon

Jun 27, 2024

New Relic enhances AI capabilities with NVIDIA integration

New Relic, renowned for its comprehensive observability platforms, has announced an integration with NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, aimed at simplifying the development, deployment, and monitoring of generative AI applications. This strategic partnership seeks to boost the adoption and return on investment (ROI) of AI technologies by providing advanced monitoring solutions that ensure efficient and secure data management.

By utilizing New Relic’s AI monitoring capabilities, users can gain in-depth insights across the entire AI application stack, which facilitates high performance and data security. The integration with NVIDIA’s NIM, celebrated for its strong security features and user-friendly models, enhances the swift deployment of generative AI applications, leading to quicker returns and improved productivity.

  • Comprehensive AI Stack Monitoring: Provides real-time insights and data security.
  • Enhanced Deployment Speed: Swift deployment of generative AI applications.
  • Improved Productivity: Facilitates quicker returns on AI investments.
  • Strong Security Features: Ensures data privacy and compliance.
  • User-Friendly Models: Simplifies the development process.

The collaboration emphasizes the pivotal role of observability in AI advancements. As the adoption of generative AI continues to expand across various industries to enhance digital experiences and boost productivity, the demand for effective observability solutions is increasingly critical. Gartner anticipates that by 2026, over 80% of enterprises will have deployed generative AI applications. In this competitive environment, observability is essential, providing a real-time, comprehensive view of the AI application stack. This visibility ensures that AI-driven operations are both cost-effective and high-performing.

“In today’s hyper-competitive market, organizations cannot afford to wait years for AI ROI,” said New Relic CEO Ashan Willy. “Observability solves this by providing visibility across the AI stack. We are pioneering AI observability by extending our platform to include AI apps built with NVIDIA NIM. Combining NVIDIA’s AI technology with our expertise in observability and APM gives enterprises a competitive edge in the AI race.”

Peter Marelas, Chief Architect at New Relic APJ, also highlighted the significance of visibility for organizations in Asia Pacific as they anticipate a significant increase in generative AI users within the next five years. “Our support for NVIDIA NIM allows organizations to understand how their deployments are performing in real-time,” Marelas noted.

The collaboration between New Relic’s observability platform and NVIDIA NIM assists IT and development teams in optimizing AI applications by swiftly identifying and addressing operational insights. According to Amanda Saunders, NVIDIA Director of AI Software, this integration facilitates the rapid deployment and efficient management of AI applications in production settings.

New Relic’s AI monitoring extends to a variety of AI models, boosting the deployment confidence of applications built with NVIDIA NIM. The platform provides a comprehensive view of the AI stack, monitoring throughput, latency, and costs, while ensuring data privacy. It also offers deep trace insights for each AI response, effectively addressing issues such as bias and toxicity.

Furthermore, New Relic has enlarged its AI integration ecosystem to over 60, including NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server software, thereby offering one of the most comprehensive observability solutions available.

Real-time MonitoringProvides insights into AI stack performance
Rapid DeploymentAccelerates the deployment of AI applications
Data PrivacyEnsures secure handling of sensitive data
Deep Trace InsightsIdentifies and addresses issues like bias and toxicity
Extensive Ecosystem IntegrationSupports a wide range of AI tools and technologies

For those interested in utilizing New Relic’s enhanced AI monitoring capabilities, the platform is accessible via a usage-based pricing model. Potential users are encouraged to contact a New Relic account representative or sign up for a free account to begin.

The integration of New Relic with NVIDIA NIM marks a significant advancement in the management and deployment of generative AI applications. By leveraging this powerful combination, enterprises can achieve higher performance, enhanced security, and faster ROI on their AI investments. As the demand for generative AI continues to rise, solutions like this will play a crucial role in ensuring that organizations can effectively harness the power of AI while maintaining robust observability and operational efficiency.

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