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Apple to Support Alternative Payments for Vision Pro in EU

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jul 4, 2024

Apple to Support Alternative Payments for Vision Pro in EU

Apple has announced that its forthcoming Vision Pro headset will support alternative payment methods when it launches in the European Union, aligning with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This strategic update comes as the device is set to debut in France and Germany on July 12.

VisionOS, the operating system for Vision Pro, will require version 1.2 for developers to implement these payment options. Currently, alternative payment options are already in place on Apple’s iOS and iPadOS platforms, as well as its App Store and Safari browser, but VisionOS was not initially included under these provisions. Apple’s approach allows users to choose third-party payment providers or websites for purchasing apps or subscriptions, which is expected to be the method employed with the Vision Pro as well.

The announcement follows recent scrutiny from EU officials, who pointed out Apple’s non-compliance with DMA rules regarding transparency in payment methods. According to preliminary findings from an investigation started in March, Apple’s failure to inform users of potentially cheaper alternatives through third-party payments could lead to significant fines, potentially amounting to 10 percent of its global annual revenue.

For users, this means they might soon have the option to complete transactions through third-party providers or external websites, similar to existing practices on other Apple platforms. This shift could provide more flexibility and possibly lower costs for consumers purchasing apps or subscriptions through the Vision Pro headset.

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