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YouTube Music is Testing AI Feature That Lets Users Create Their Own Radio Station

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jul 10, 2024

YouTube Music is Testing AI Feature That Lets Users Create Their Own Radio Station

YouTube Music is introducing a new AI-driven feature that allows users to create personalized radio stations through voice or text commands. Currently in the testing phase, this innovative addition was first noticed by Reddit user kater_pro and is accessible to a select group of users.

The feature, titled “Ask for music any way you like,” will appear on the Home feed as a card in vibrant purple and pink colors. This card resembles the existing “Create a radio: Your music tuner” card in the Library tab. Users can interact with this card to open a chat-based interface, where they can request specific music genres or themes.

For example, when a user requested “Queer Hip Hop Beats,” the AI generated a station with the description: “Rhymes and flows from the heart, a celebration of queer pride in hip hop’s art.” The interface also provides various suggested prompts, such as “Catchy pop choruses,” “Epic soundtracks,” and “Upbeat pop anthems,” with an additional “Surprise me!” option for a randomly created station.

Once a prompt is submitted, the AI creates a radio station, displayed in the familiar playlist card format. Each station is named after the prompt and labeled “Created for you,” complete with a matching description. YouTube Music includes a note advising users that “AI-generated responses are experimental,” highlighting that the quality and accuracy of the generated stations may vary. Additionally, it cautions users against sharing personal or confidential information through this feature.

As this feature continues to be tested by a limited audience, it will be intriguing to observe how YouTube Music’s AI playlist creation compares to similar features offered by Spotify.

Featured Image courtesy of Vecteezy

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