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Increase In Nintendo Profits As People Engaged In Games In The Pandemic

ByMike Paul

Mar 8, 2021

Increase In Nintendo Profits As People Engaged In Games In The Pandemic

Games are something that has seen more engagement in this pandemic. It has caused a skyrocket in the profit of Nintendo. On Monday, Nintendo Co. reported that the revenue for the first three fiscal quarters got doubled. As people engaged in gaming in the pandemic period, this skyrocket has been visualised by Nintendo.

Behind the scenes of Pokemon franchises and Super Mario, the Japanese video-maker conveyed that the profit from April to December increased to 376.6 billion yen from 196 billion yen which was the previous year’s profit. The nine months sale of games jumped to 1.4 trillion, which is a great increase in gaming. The pandemic served to increase the revenue of Nintendo in the gaming field. It also increased the demand for gaming consoles among people.

Increase in sales of Switch consoles

Nintendo’s success based on Kyoto came from the popularity of the Switch console and the game software such as Animal Crossing – New Horizons. Other software is in demand, such as Mario Kart  8  Deluxe and the Super Mario 3D All-Stars of the company. The crucial period for Nintendo is during October and December due to the year-end shopping in the holidays.

During the three-quarters of December, Nintendo sold 24 million counts of Switch consoles. In the first two quarters, it sold 12.5 million of the Switch consoles. This count doubled in the latest fiscal quarter due to the pandemic situation. The total number of Switch console sales include both the Switch Lite and also the regular Switch. The demand for gaming consoles increased in the pandemic period that boosted the company’s revenue.

Expected revenue and sales in the future

The latest sales number of the Switch consoles shows the same statistics as of the previous year. The year-earlier had a sales of 17.7 million units of Switch consoles. After calculating the fourth year of the holiday Switch sales, Nintendo said that the cumulative sales totaled up to 74 million consoles.

Compared to the previous fiscal year, which generated 258.6 billion yen, Nintendo expects an increase in profit to 400 billion yen for the March 2021 fiscal year. In the earlier forecast, Nintendo estimated profit up to 300 billion yen to generate from the Switch console sales.

A drawback of Nintendo in the pandemic

The setback that Nintendo faced during the pandemic is the delayed inauguration of the theme park in Japan. The name of the theme park is Super Nintendo World that is built with Universal Studios. The theme park’s scheduled opening date was Feb 4, but Osaka, the location of the theme park, became an emergency state.

It became one of the urban areas under the state of emergency in the coronavirus pandemic situation. The cases in Japan increased suddenly this year. Though the COVID-19 issue slowed down many business sectors, the gaming sector, from the start and till now, served to connect people virtually through games.

Mike Paul

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