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Know How India Introduces New Rules To Regulate Online Content

ByMike Paul

Mar 10, 2021

Know How India Introduces New Rules To Regulate Online Content

Lately, on Thursday the Indian government put forth certain rules and regulations regarding IT social applications. The aim behind doing so is to make people feel more secure, safe and free to use the will give the government the power to hold the accused and also people to feel a little less restricted. News that has been flooding regarding the same states that the Indian government is trying to make the applications more accountable. It can help the government police it better.

Any content that the authorities find invalid or unredeemed, social apps must erase it without any hassle. The latest online content news also states that any content that harms the integrity of the country must be removed. To ensure the same strict mechanism has been approved of allowing the government to take actions or ban such posts. 

Though Twitter and Facebook were majorly indicated by what the new rules mean, it still implies to every popular social app today. The beliefs of the IT sector are regarding the safety, security and integrity of the country. They feel that crucial online content must protect its citizens and act as an enhancing mechanism towards them. Any social apps found opposing the government rules would need to swiftly remove all the illegal content in no time. Also, the removal time must not cross more than 36 hours. Rules such as chief compliances and their reports must be sent to the grievance officers so that they can effectively handle the complaint from the people. 

Though online content and social apps are the bliss of people the same requires proper management from the backend authorities and obeying of the government rules. Failing can create havoc amongst people making them go hating the app. Social sites which are meant to connect people can also disintegrate them if the grievances are not handled properly.

Some other rules that have come into the forefront are as follows:

  • The users of a particular social app must be given the freedom to raise their queries, issues and grievances. The concerns of the application must also revert to them within a stipulated time.
  • Social media sites and applications should inform the government of the real source of any illegal activity or any misconduct. However, this wasn’t made much clear as to let this happen a few social media apps would need to break their users’ encrypted messages.
  • These rules apply even to amazon prime and Netflix.

Few controversies were also reported regarding the same when Twitter refused to remove accounts of some politicians, organizations, news channels or other fame. All these rules will be effective within 3 months. The much in-depth picture of the news will be felt only after it comes into effect and people start gaining advantage out of it.

Some accounts that are present in unspecified numbers have recently been known to be spreading wrong information about the trending farmer’s protest in India. The same has also rattled the current government.

Mike Paul

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