Cybernetic Possession of Brandon Cronenberg Triumphs

ByMike Paul

Oct 17, 2020

The cybernetic and murderous possession of Brandon Cronenberg a Possessor here uncut that is to say as explicit as possible imposed his chromatic perfectionism his macabre duality and his desire for freedom rising.

The main distinctions of the record of this 53 rd edition of the Festival of Sitges Fantastic Cinema the one with the best direction and the best film

A facetoface and online edition marked by restrictions due to the advance of the coronavirusFewer films less capacity a minimal international presence which were even more.

Friday when the Generalitat decreed the closure of bars and restaurants and in the case of the festival all the parallel activities scheduled over the weekend new capacity limitations and a kind of curfew that forced the return of tickets already sold for the evening sessions

The cyberpunk nightmare of the very son of one of the popes of the contest David Cronenberg starring Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott in a mental duel that sends contradictory messages about the idea of family and that is precisely why it is also simultaneously.

A twisted love letter to his father and a declaration of intent as a son he tied for accolades with Frenchmans Just Philippots first film the harrowing La nuée Cloud

The insectile odyssey the cloud is a cloud of murderous grasshoppers but it is also the planet turning against those who squeeze it spearheading the festival of an imminent genre in vogue the ecoterror.

She won the special jury prize and the best actress award for Suliane Brahim in the role of a monstrous mother according to Philippot willing to do anything for her children

The absurdity of Quentin Dupiex already a regular at the contest reaches a new peak with Mandibules and the jury has recognized it by awarding its protagonists Grégoire Ludig

David Marsais a shared best male performance Ludig and Marsais play two friends two very silly charming fools who decide to train the giant fly found in the trunk of the car Dominiqu

No his intention is not to put on any kind of circus number but to bring them things from sets to money Debtor of the best absurd comedy it is also the best script that of the little Hungarian gem Comrade Drakulich by Márk Bodzsár a bizarre love triangle in which a vampire has to choose between love blood and communism

The best special effects have been taken by another cloud of insects in this case the mosquitoes more or less existential paranoid that torment the protagonist of Mosquito State

The return of Juanma Bajo Ulloa that Baby without a single script line It seems like a tale by the Grimm brothers that played with motherhood understood as an inevitable and visceral act of creation their music the work of Bingen Mendizábal and Koldo Uriarte has been recognized.

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