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Female Cinematographic Journey Through The Basque Country

ByMike Paul

Oct 17, 2020

Female Cinematographic Journey Through The Basque Country

For decades the Basque matriarchy has been talked about as a social movement In the book Tides Toti Martínez de Lezea writes the history of 35 Basques in 35 towns on the coast to show that in reality the Basque woman does not appear in the history books although it is true that in some areas she ruled starting with the goddess Mari from the Euskaldún Olympus.

Following the etxekoandre the owner or wife of the house a figure that caught the attention of the Romans Martínez de Lezea also emphasizes that the witch hunt occurred if not only almost entirely in the Basque Country where neighbors accused women of practicing witchcraft due to quarrels and disputes Of that not only of that but in the heart of its plot two very different films spoke.

Last San Sebastián festival which have just arrived in commercial theaters Akelarre by the ArgentinePablo Agüero and Ane from Bilbao settling in Vitoria David Pérez Sañudo By the way both feature films even share actresses

In Akelarre Agüero stands in 1609 to show how an inquisitor tortures a group of teenagers from a coastal town while the men of the town are at sea They only have one power that of the word and they will try to use it to escape a disastrous fate as if they were Sherezade.

The Arabian NightsI never wanted my protagonists to be witches And I was pressured to do otherwise The classic scheme of witch movies is marked by a masculine approach There is an investigation in which it is discerned whether or not they are sorceresses and ends with an outcome

Habitually derived towards the fantastic genre warns Agüero In one way or another all those stories reproduce the inquisitors speech And that outrages me The filmmaker assures that even today that trend is maintained Because it is more effective and commercial

Ane who won two awards in the Zinemira section of the last San Sebastián festival among them best film jumps to 2009 Its protagonist Lide Patricia López Arnaiz works as a security guard in the AVE works which generate big protests in the street Separated she lives with her teenage daughter Ane One day Lide returns from her night shift and Ane is not there Not the next day And Lide in his search discovers that he knows very little about his daughter

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