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Breach Of Confidential Data By Carnival Cruise Line Affects Customers

ByMike Paul

Jul 16, 2021

Breach Of Confidential Data By Carnival Cruise Line Affects Customers

On June 18th, 2021, the news breaks out that “cruise giant carnival says customers affected by breach”. In the current times whatever services or assistance that we take from a website or any other organization, we need to submit some basic amount of information so that the company can use that information for giving us the quality of service. This information is generally used by the company itself. In many cases, a company also promises confidentiality of all the data which is provided by the client to them under all circumstances.

Confidentiality Threat To Clients

However, there have been cases when various giant companies have failed to do the promise and have breached the confidentiality of the information contract to third parties. There can be many damaging consequences of such an incidence and once the information is shared, the quality of security gets compromised.

This is exactly what happened with the customers who were availing services from the cruise-giant carnival. The carnival cruise line services is an international cruise line beast in Doral in Florida. The company is well recognized in the industry of private cruise services and is also ranked among the largest cruise lines which carry one of the largest numbers of passengers. The carnival cruise line has a collection of 23 shapes as reported by September 2020. The cruise line was started as early as in the year 1972 but the first sailing from Miami. It started with the success of two ships and further continuation into an increase in the number of ships that were a part of the carnival cruise line.

The Cruise Line Breach

Throughout the years, the carnival cruise line has garnered the trust and faith of thousands of customers who had used the services before and keep coming back to it whenever they want a cruise ride. Recently the company informed its customers about the breach of confidentiality through a letter. The letter stated that a third party might have gotten access to the personal information of the clients such as security number, date of birth, client’s addresses, health-related information, and passport numbers of the respective people. Carnival cruise line detected unauthorized third-party interfering in the data on March 19, 2020.

However, the company spokesperson Roger Frizzel also informed the customers that the company has taken steps to mend the situation. The company has called upon a complete shutdown of the information technology systems and has hired a special cybersecurity investigation company to look into the matter. The company has also initiated a call centre which helps in answering all the queries of the clients.

Breach of personal information has led to ransom attacks in the cruise line which has made people second guess about their opinion on the services provided by the carnival line of ships. However, the company still claims that no traces of personal information getting misused found yet.

Since this case, the shares of the carnival cruise line in the stock market fell by 3% on Thursday.

Mike Paul

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