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No Covid Cases Reported In North Korea! NKorea Reports WHO Of No New Infection Since 10 June

ByMike Paul

Jul 19, 2021

No Covid Cases Reported In North Korea! NKorea Reports WHO Of No New Infection Since 10 June

With pandemics creating turmoil in everyone’s life, a ray of hope emerged when North Korea reported WHO with 0 covid-19 cases. However, considering the terrible infrastructure, the scenario of the country sharing the borders with China, economic front, and major ally, experts highly doubt the situation.

The Korean government informed the World Health Organization of 30,000 people being tested since the 10th of June, but no cases of covid-19 infection came to light so far. In a report presented by WHO on Tuesday, it was stated that out of 733 people being tested during June 4th to June 10th, only 149 had pandemic symptoms or were suffering from underlying respiratory infections.

No Covid Infection? Ray of Hope or yet another Covid Mysteries?

Experts on the global platform believe the claims of headlines flashing -The Latest: NKorea tells WHO it has detected no virus cases could be false. However, the government took robust initiatives in monitoring the anti-virus effort and campaigns effectively. Mentioning the concern to be of national existence, North Korea banned tourists from other countries, imposed restrictions on cross-border trade and traffic, and vacated diplomats.

Again, lockdown created turmoil in every aspect of the country. Battling decades of mismanagement, and the issue of US government-led sanctions over the nuclear weapons program, the covid-19 pandemic sparks the storm in the economic frontline. During a political conference held last week, Kim Jong Un ordered officials to gear up for long-drawn-out covid-19 restrictions, accentuating that the country will not open its borders anytime soon.

Current Covid Scenario: All around the Globe!

Here is What is Going on in Havana: While Cuba’s Government informs the Abdala Vaccine to be 92% effective against covid, the details and reports of clinical testing have not been shared yet. On Monday, 1561 new covid cases were reported by the director of epidemiology confirming a total of 169,365 cases to date.

White Zone Italy? Starting June 28, the outdoors mask-wearing protocol will be discarded in the parts of white zone areas where the cases reported are quite low and the impact of illness – metric of ICU admissions is below the expected number. However, while traveling in public transports and indoors, masks would be an obligation.

In Washington, the spotlight is on Joe Biden and his commitment to deliver 80million covid doses to other countries in desperate need. The experts pointed out the legal and regulatory requirements as the primary reason behind prolonged delivery deadlines. As the other countries prepare for cold storage for doses, syringes, alcohol prep pads, and customs procedures at borders, the jabs would be delivered. Whereas in Hong Kong the restrictions would be relaxed for tourists fully vaccinated against Covid.

Here is What is Happening in Tokyo: The success graph of Employee-Led Vaccination Scheme -The employer-led vaccination drive in Tokyo aims to reach out to 13 million people to get jabbed every day to escalate the vaccine rollout program. With more than 3500 companies reaching out for free vaccines, almost 1000 people will be inoculated at each site.

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