Analysis: Louisiana To Have A New Approach For Voting Machines

ByMike Paul

Jul 31, 2021

Working with something new-

Everything is getting a new turn, additions, and changes but no one would have thought of having changes in the government or the electing system of the government. Generally, people elect their leaders by voting for them in different ways as it is followed by the country but what if it is needed or asked to be changed? People are seeing a lot of changes in the world, it can be with their lifestyle, way of working, eating habits, handling things, etc. but no one could have thought of such a major step of changing in the way of voting system. In Louisiana, the type of government remained the same but the way of voting and choosing their leaders has changed. People will elect the leader by the process of voting but the procedure will change. There will change in the working of voting machines.

Playing a fair game is the right way to approach anything and in almost every election the losing team always points out the winning team for cheating and disturbing the voting machines. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it is just the frustration of losing. So, not leaving any chance for cheating or doubt or confusion with the help of changing techniques and making it more secure. There should not be any questions in the system and the work going on. There are rules for every country and it has to be followed by every citizen and the governing body. The involvement of legislation and judiciary in this change signifies that there could be a problem with something and their agreement makes it very sure. 

A change for public welfare-

The rules are allowed to be amended but not changed which means that the rules made and flowed for a long time cannot be changed totally or replaced but some changes can be made with an existing base which makes it easier with the changing time and also appropriate. As time changes there are a lot of things that experience a change and the old rules can be a hurdle and if the change is about the development or growth of something then the rule is required to be changed a bit for the sake. The same way the voting machine saw a change and it became a new and fruitful approach for Louisiana. Also, no one could question or blame anything or anyone for their win or defeat. It will remain about their capabilities and the choices of the public who is the electing one.

The votes decide who will be the next leader and the votes are given by the common people and it is given in a voting machine and then counted by it. So, the voting machine is changed, its type has changed, its working way has changed, it is a new machine that will keep your voter more secure than ever and no one could mess with it because it is a lot safer than ever. Also, if it is for good, then change should be accepted. 

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