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Kairoswealth, the Artificial Intelligence-powered wealth platform, secures a $25 million investment from Mount Row Partners.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Nov 17, 2023

Kairoswealth, the Artificial Intelligence-powered wealth platform, secures a $25 million investment from Mount Row Partners.

In a bold move aimed at revolutionizing the wealth management industry, Mount Row Partners has unveiled a substantial $25 million investment in Kairoswealth, a Singapore-based platform harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to cater to high-net-worth individuals and financial institutions.

Kairoswealth is reshaping the sector by granting high-net-worth clients and asset managers access to exclusive investment products and financial services. The platform’s AI capabilities pave the way for a more efficient and personalized approach to wealth management, offering innovative alternatives to conventional investment strategies. Through offerings such as fractionalized investments, enabling clients to invest in smaller portions of high-value assets, and the utilization of financial strategies to maximize potential returns, Kairoswealth is establishing a pioneering standard for the industry.

This recent funding round has garnered attention from top-tier industry experts, including Shailesh Haribhakti, renowned for his proficiency in financial advisory and corporate governance. This investment marks a strategic shift in Kairoswealth’s board, with Kirk Wagar, former US ambassador to Singapore and a principal partner at Mount Row, stepping into the role of Vice-Chairman. Krishan Rattan, Founding Partner of Mount Row, will assume the position of Chairman, while Haribhakti will contribute as a board advisor. Rattan remarked, “Investing in AI-driven wealth management platforms like Kairoswealth is pivotal for advancing profit generation and responsible governance.”

The wealth management landscape has undergone a profound transformation, with traditional profit models facing challenges that demand innovation. Kairoswealth’s integration of AI not only streamlines operations but also holds the promise of significant cost reductions of up to 30% for businesses. Moreover, the platform’s strategic investment matching is forecasted to increase client revenues by 25%. Offering an exclusive and invitation-only experience, Kairoswealth ensures a discerning and premium user journey.

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About Kairoswealth:

Kairoswealth is an AI-driven platform that elevates the investment experience for high-net-worth individuals and family offices. The platform connects clients with hard-to-access investment products and opportunities by harnessing cutting-edge AI technology.

About Mount Row Partners:

Headquartered in Singapore, Mount Row Partners is a global investment powerhouse with offices in the UAE, India, and the USA. The firm manages over USD 1.2 billion in Assets Under Management, spanning Energy, Infrastructure, and financial services. Founded by Krishan Rattan, the company has made significant strides in energy storage and renewable energy projects in collaboration with the Government of Maharashtra in India.

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