Aniai Raises $12 Million to Introduce IntelligentBurger-Cooking Robots in Restaurants

ByYasmeeta Oon

Jan 30, 2024

Founded in 2020, Aniai, a pioneering startup in the field of culinary automation, has recently achieved a significant milestone in its journey towards revolutionizing the restaurant industry. Known for developing Alpha Grill, a state-of-the-art burger-grilling robot, Aniai has successfully raised $12 million in its latest funding round. This inflow of capital brings the total funds raised to $15 million, marking a significant leap forward in the company’s ambitious project.

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The Launch of Factory One and Alpha Cloud

The recent capital infusion is earmarked for a critical phase in Aniai’s growth. The company plans to establish its first manufacturing facility, dubbed ‘Factory One,’ in South Korea. This facility is not just a manufacturing hub but a symbol of Aniai’s commitment to innovation and quality in robotic culinary solutions.

In parallel, Aniai is set to deploy Alpha Cloud, a cloud-based AI software platform. This sophisticated platform is the brain behind the Alpha Grill, enabling it to operate with precision and adaptability, crucial in a dynamic kitchen environment.

The Growing Role of Robotics in Restaurants

The integration of robotics in the restaurant industry is no longer a futuristic concept but a present-day reality. Aniai is at the forefront of this transition, addressing critical challenges such as labor shortages and rising wage costs. With the implementation of robotic solutions like Alpha Grill, restaurants can potentially reduce labor costs by 30% to 70%. Moreover, a research report suggests that over 80% of restaurant positions could be replaced by robots, indicating a significant shift in how the industry operates.

Operational Efficiency with Alpha Grill

Aniai’s CEO, Gunpil Hwang, emphasizes the efficiency brought by Alpha Grill. Traditional burger chains often require six to eight kitchen staff per shift solely for grilling burgers. In contrast, with Alpha Grill, restaurants can achieve the same output with just one staff member overseeing the process.

Anticipated Launch of Factory One and Market Demand

The New York-headquartered Aniai is gearing up to launch Factory One within the year to cater to the escalating demand for Alpha Grill. The facility’s annual production capacity is expected to exceed 1,000 robots. With around 500 pre-orders already lined up for delivery starting in the first quarter of 2024, Aniai is on track to make a significant impact in the market.

The Alpha Grill, launched in 2022, showcases impressive capabilities, such as cooking 200 patties per hour or handling eight patties simultaneously. This efficiency is contingent on human staff placing the patties on the grill, blending human skill with robotic precision.

Advanced Technology in Alpha Grill

Alpha Grill’s edge lies in its integration of cloud-based AI software and real-time vision sensors. These technological advancements enable the robot to perceive its environment accurately, ensuring each patty is cooked to perfection. The system monitors critical aspects like the patties’ temperature, shape, and overall quality, ensuring adherence to cooking recipes, specifications, and requirements. This level of precision ensures consistent quality control, a crucial factor in the culinary industry.

The Future with Alpha Kitchen

Looking ahead, Aniai is not resting on its laurels. The startup is developing its second product, Alpha Kitchen, as disclosed by CEO Hwang to TechCrunch. Slated for a 2025 launch, Alpha Kitchen aims to automate the entire burger-making process, from cooking patties to assembling the final burger, signaling a new era in culinary automation.

Aniai’s Expanding Customer Base

Aniai currently serves an impressive roster of clients, including notable fast-food burger chains in South Korea like CJ Freshway, BAS Burger, and DownTowner. The company has also been testing Alpha Grill with burger chains in the U.S. since the previous year. This international expansion is a testament to the versatility and appeal of Aniai’s robotic solutions.

The Growing Kitchen Automation Industry

Aniai’s journey is part of a larger movement in kitchen automation, with other players like Miso Robotics, Botinkit, and Chef Robotics making significant strides. These companies, along with Aniai, are redefining the culinary landscape, bringing efficiency and innovation to the forefront.

Funding and Investor Confidence

The latest funding round, led by InterVest along with new investors like SV Investment, UK’s Ignite Innovation, and previous backer Capstone Partners, reflects the growing investor confidence in Aniai’s vision and products. This financial backing is crucial in fueling the company’s expansion plans in the U.S. and South Korea.

Aniai’s Position in the Culinary Revolution

With a team of 30 employees as of December 2023, Aniai stands at the cusp of a culinary revolution. The combination of Alpha Grill’s capabilities and the upcoming Alpha Kitchen positions the company as a key player in redefining the restaurant industry’s future. As Aniai continues to innovate and expand, it sets a new standard in culinary automation, promising a more efficient and technologically advanced dining experience.

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