What Everyone Must Know About the US steps up probe into Hyundai-Kia engine failures and fires?


Jan 14, 2022

It is really important to take into account the safety of the engine of any vehicle. A number of complaints have been received regarding the engine failure of Hyundai as well as Kia vehicles. The auto safety regulators of the US have started a series of investigations into engine failure of the above-mentioned vehicles.

Top facts to know about Hyundai and Kia engine failure investigation

The national highway traffic safety administration mainly says a new analysis investigation mainly covers more than 3 million vehicles in between the years 2011 to 2016. This agency has mainly received 161 complaints regarding engine fires. Some of these models of the car mainly include Hyundai’s Sonata, Elantra, as well as Santa Fe. Some of the models of the Kia include Rio, Sorento, Optima as well as Soul.

In November of 2020, one agency announced that Kia and Hyundai need to pay $137 million as a fine. They also need to do safety improvements as their effort is too slow to recall more than 1 million vehicles having engines which can fail at any time.

Action measures are taken by the Hyundai and Kia

In regards to the complaint, Hyundai said that they are going to fully cooperate fully with U.S. regulators. They have also taken different proactive actions to address some of the engine issues. This mainly includes conducting different recalls, launching the new technology for engine monitoring, they are also ready to provide extended warranties as well as enhancing their customer service response. Hyundai promotes a culture of transparency as well as accountability as the safety of their customers is the top priority in everything they mainly do.

On the other hand, Kia was mainly to pay $27 million as well as invest $16 million in the area of safety performance measures. Another $27 million payment will be suspended as long as this company mainly meets safety conditions.

This company has mainly denied the U.S. allegations but said this mainly wanted to avoid the extended legal fight.

Top signs of engine failure to take into account

Below are some of the top signs of engine failure a person needs to take into account:

  1. Every car has a  check engine light on the dashboard. Whenever an issue happens with a vehicle’s engine, or any component, or in the case of a sensor, then this can affect the engine’s normal functioning.
  2. It is ok to have a small amount of smoke coming out of the vehicle once in a while during winter. But if the car emits black, blue, or thick white smoke when the engine is running, then this can be a matter of concern. Black smoke mainly suggests a problem with the fuel supply or an inappropriate mix of the fuel.
  3. Sometimes due to clogging of the fuel lines, or damaged ignition coils, spark plugs fouled, as well as dirty fuel/air filters, are the main causes of a cars’ poor performance.

These are some of the important facts to know about engine failure.


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