Iran had another failed space launch, Satellite photos show


Mar 25, 2022

Iran probably would have been failed to launch another rocket carrying satellite in past days, Iran was trying to revitalize the program which was earlier criticized by the, even as Tehran faces last-minute talks with world superpowers to save its broken nuclear deal in Vienna. Maxar Technologies satellite images show that Iran was trying to launch the rocket from Semnan Imam Khomeini Spaceport which is in Semnan province of rural Iran on Sunday. 

The images showed that a broken, damaged rocket with vehicles surrounding it, though successful launches if there was a, If there was a successful launch, then such broken rocket-like material would not have been seen, and Iran and its media immediately rings the victory bell after a successful space launch, also Iran has the history of not accepting the unsuccessful launches.  Another lab ‘Planet Labs’ images suggest that the launch may take place after Friday.

Jeffrey Lewis expert at James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies who was the first to notice the launch said that the rocket launch involved Zuljanah (named after the horse of grandson of prophet Imam Hussein) satellite launch vehicle of Iran. However, the reasons behind the damage creating blast are not clear yet. Lewis said Zuljanah would have needed liquid fuel at its final stage to fuelled on the launch pad.

Over the last few decades, Iran has sent many short-lived satellites in space, in February 2019 few researchers were also killed in a separate fire at Imam Khomeini Port. The launchpad used in the latest launch was scarred since 2019 in another blast which also grabbed the attention of then-President of America Donald Trump.

The repeated failures in the launches raised doubt of outer interference in its programs, Trump himself hinted by a tweet that the USA “was not involved in the catastrophic accident.”  However, no evidence has been provided to show the foul play in any of the failures, and space launch remains challenging for the world’s most successful programs too.

America alleged that Iran’s satellite launches disregard the United Nations security council (UNSC) resolution and appealed to Tehran not to engage in any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

Iran keeps on saying that it does not seek any nuclear weapon, previously maintained Iran’s rocket launches do not have any military components, however, US intelligence agencies and International atomic energy agency say that Iran had withdrawn an organized military nuclear program in 2003.

Today, Tehran enriches uranium to 60% purity – a small technological step up from the weapons-grade level of 90% and far more than the nuclear deal’s 3.67% cap. 

While former president of Iran Hassan Rouhani stepped back from the space program because of the fears of alienation of the country from the west, the new staunch president of Iran Ebrahim Raisi had focused on the spatial development of the program. Iran is planning to launch a series of satellites in space and the Supreme council of space research Iran recently met for the first time in 11 years.


Iran was probably failed to launch another rocket carrying a satellite, over the last few years Iran has faced many failed attempts of launching. Maxar Technologies satellite images show that Iran was trying to launch a rocket which was blasted after a few meters in Imam Khomeini Spaceport of Iran.