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The governor of California has extended the tax deadlines for small businesses.

ByEthan Lin

Dec 18, 2020

The governor of California has extended the tax deadlines for small businesses.

In 2021, California small businesses will be able to have more time to file their tax returns.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order giving small businesses until the end of July to file first-quarter tax returns. In a broader sense, the order gives businesses with returns under $1 million a 90-day extension on payments and returns.

It’s been quite a while since the coronavirus pandemic swept through California, which is still affecting the state for the beginning of 2021, which has led Newsom to implement restrictions that have shuttered businesses. In most of the state, restaurants and hair salons are closed for indoor dining, stores are closed to the general public and have to close their doors to all customers. Businesses won’t reopen for weeks.

In addition, he lowered the distance requirements in farmworker housing centers for workers to live close to family members. Previously, workers were only permitted to live in the housing for 275 days out of the year and were not permitted to live within a 50 mile radius.

“Finding new housing during this time both poses health risk and is extremely burdensome, especially for migratory agricultural workers and their families,” Newsom wrote in the order.

It also updates quarantine guidelines. New state health guidelines support the changes. California previously directed employers to take 2 weeks off for infected workers. The new guidelines have shortened that period to just ten days if the person shows no symptoms, in line with the federal guidelines.

Ethan Lin

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