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Apple Launches Apple Sports App with Instant Sports Updates and More

ByHuey Yee Ong

Feb 25, 2024
Apple Launches Apple Sports App with Instant Sports Updates and More

Apple has launched its latest application, Apple Sports, available for free download. Designed with the sports fan in mind, this app delivers live scores, comprehensive statistics, and even live betting odds directly to users’ iPhones, ensuring fans are always in the know about their favorite teams and leagues. Apple Sports emerges as part of Apple’s broader ambition to become a pivotal player in the sports content and news sector, leveraging its technology to enhance the sports viewing experience.

Apple Sports: Now in Your Region

Available in the App Store for users in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., Apple Sports supports English, French, and Spanish, catering to a wide audience. This application is compatible with iPhones running iOS 17.2 or later, and its release is a testament to Apple’s commitment to providing rapid, real-time sports updates. Unlike integrating this feature into an existing app like Apple News, Apple chose to launch Apple Sports as a standalone application to ensure the fastest delivery of scores and updates.

One of the app’s hallmark features is its integration with the Apple TV app. Apple Sports includes a “Watch on Apple TV” button for games where applicable, seamlessly connecting users to live sports streaming. This feature is particularly enticing for Major League Soccer (MLS) fans, as Apple TV offers an MLS Season Pass subscription under an exclusive 10-year worldwide deal with the league. This synergy between apps exemplifies Apple’s strategy to not only provide scores but also to enhance live sports viewership through its platforms.

Apple Sports’ Feature and Live Coverage

Beyond scores, Apple Sports offers users a rich array of features, including live betting odds, game clocks, play-by-play information, and detailed team stats. The app allows for a personalized experience, enabling users to follow their favorite teams, tournaments, and leagues. Preferences are synchronized across the Apple ecosystem, including the Apple TV app and Apple News, ensuring a cohesive user experience. Additionally, the Live Activities feature on the iPhone’s lock screen keeps fans updated with live scores, further enhancing the utility of the app.

Credits: Apple

Apple Sports supports a comprehensive range of leagues, ensuring fans have instant access to scores and stats from their favorite sports. At launch, the app includes:

  • Currently In Season Coverage:
    • Major League Soccer (MLS)
    • National Basketball Association (NBA)
    • NCAA Basketball (Men’s and Women’s)
    • National Hockey League (NHL)
    • Bundesliga (German Football League)
    • LaLiga (Spanish Football League)
    • Liga MX (Mexican Football League)
    • Ligue 1 (French Football League)
    • Premier League (English Football League)
    • Serie A (Italian Football League)
  • Upcoming Season Coverage:
    • Major League Baseball (MLB)
    • National Football League (NFL)
    • NCAA Football (NCAAF)
    • National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL)
    • Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)

The timing of Apple Sports’ release aligns with the commencement of the MLS’s 29th season, showcasing the app’s role in promoting the MLS Season Pass. This subscription offers exhaustive coverage of MLS matches, including playoffs and special tournaments, without any blackout restrictions. Subscription rates in the U.S. are competitively priced, with discounts available for Apple TV+ subscribers, highlighting the app’s value proposition.

ServiceMonthly Price (USD)Seasonal Price (USD)Discount for Apple TV+ Subscribers
MLS Season Pass$14.99$99Monthly: $12.99 / Seasonal: $79
Apple TV+ SubscribersReduced pricing for MLS Season Pass
Subscription Options and Pricing Details

In addition to soccer, Apple’s engagement with sports content extends to partnerships with other major leagues. Notably, Apple has secured a deal with Major League Baseball to stream “Friday Night Baseball” games, available to Apple TV+ subscribers. This move is part of Apple’s ongoing strategy to solidify its presence in the sports broadcasting arena.

Distinct from other sports score apps, Apple Sports aims to provide a streamlined, focused experience. According to Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services, the app is designed for speed and simplicity, enabling fans to quickly check scores without unnecessary distractions. This approach underscores Apple’s objective to deliver a superior, user-centric sports app, free from the biases of representing any particular team or league.

Integrating seamlessly with Apple’s suite of service apps, Apple Sports draws upon users’ existing preferences for teams and leagues from the TV and News apps, personalizing the experience from the first use. This level of integration, coupled with features like notifications and live activities managed by the Apple News and Apple TV apps, exemplifies Apple’s holistic approach to its services ecosystem.

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