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Solana Surpasses Ethereum in Network Activity Amidst Memecoin Frenzy, Despite Transaction Failures

ByDayne Lee

Mar 19, 2024
Solana Surpasses Ethereum in Network Activity Amidst Memecoin Frenzy, Despite Transaction Failures

Solana Surpasses Ethereum in Network Activity Amidst Memecoin Frenzy, Despite Transaction Failures

Over a remarkable weekend, the Solana network experienced a surge in activity that eclipsed that of Ethereum, largely driven by a burgeoning interest in Solana-based memecoins. This unexpected spike in demand saw Solana’s total trading volume soar to $3.52 billion on March 16, outperforming Ethereum’s daily volume by an impressive $1.1 billion, according to DefiLlama.

Network Challenges Amidst Unprecedented Demand

Despite the significant milestone, the Solana network faced operational difficulties, struggling to efficiently process the avalanche of transactions. Users across various platforms reported numerous incidents of transactions either failing or going missing. Data from Solana Validators, highlighted by a pseudonymous user “Dagnum” on social media, indicated that ping times on the network fluctuated between 20 and 40 seconds at peak times, resulting in nearly half of all transactions failing during a 20-minute span.

The Memecoin Phenomenon

The explosive interest in Solana was predominantly fueled by the launch of new memecoins, capturing the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. The Book of Meme (BOME), a newly introduced memecoin, witnessed a meteoric rise in its market capitalization, escalating from virtually nothing to $1.45 billion within just 56 hours. Another memecoin, “$NAP” (NAP), also experienced a rapid ascent, with its market capitalization skyrocketing from around $20 million to over $330 million in less than 18 hours.

Solana’s Price Rally and Market Position

Parallel to the heightened network activity, the price of Solana’s native token, SOL, experienced a notable surge. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at $200, marking a 7.6% increase over the last week and a significant 38.4% rise over the past month, as per CoinGecko. This rally not only underscored the network’s growing popularity but also enabled Solana to surpass Binance’s BNB coin, positioning it as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization at $88.5 billion.

Solana’s Market Cap Achievements

The current market capitalization of Solana represents a significant milestone, nearly $12 billion higher than its previous peak of $76.5 billion recorded on November 7, 2021. This achievement is attributed to an overall increase in the total supply of Solana tokens, reflecting the network’s expanding ecosystem and investor confidence.

Total Trading Volume (March 16)$3.52 billion$2.42 billion
Network ChallengesTransaction failures; Ping times 20-40sN/A
Notable MemecoinsBook of Meme (BOME), $NAP (NAP)N/A
SOL Price Increase7.6% week-over-week; 38.4% month-over-monthN/A
Market Cap RankingFourth-largest cryptocurrencyN/A

The recent events surrounding Solana and the memecoin craze offer a unique insight into the dynamics of cryptocurrency markets and the technological challenges that can arise with sudden spikes in network demand. While Solana’s ability to surpass Ethereum in trading volume highlights its potential and growing appeal, the network’s struggle to maintain operational efficiency underlines the critical need for scalable and robust blockchain infrastructures.

As the crypto space continues to evolve, the interplay between innovation, market trends, and technological capabilities will remain a pivotal area of focus for developers, investors, and users alike. The rise of memecoins, in particular, underscores the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency markets and the importance of network resilience in fostering sustainable growth and user confidence.

Featured image credit: photo_gonzo via Adobe Stock

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