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Eliyan secures $60M in funding for advanced chiplet interconnects that enhance AI chip performance.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Apr 3, 2024
Eliyan secures $60M in funding for advanced chiplet interconnects that enhance AI chip performance.

In a remarkable stride forward for the semiconductor industry, Eliyan, a pioneering company in chiplet interconnect technology, has secured an impressive $60 million in funding. The investment, spearheaded by Samsung Catalyst Fund and Tiger Global Management, underscores the burgeoning demand for advanced AI chips and the critical role innovative interconnect solutions play in meeting these demands.

InvestorsAmount Invested (in millions)
Samsung Catalyst Fund$25
Tiger Global Management$20
Intel Capital$10
SK Hynix$3
Cleveland Avenue$1.5
Mesh Ventures$0.5

Eliyan’s breakthrough chiplet interconnect technology, represented by its NuLink PHY, stands at the forefront of innovation in the semiconductor landscape. This technology, compliant with UCIe, BoW, or UMI standards, addresses critical challenges in memory and IO wall constraints. By facilitating seamless connectivity between multiple chiplets on the same device, Eliyan’s NuLink PHY enables up to four times the performance and half the power consumption compared to existing solutions.

The infusion of $60 million in funding underscores the industry’s recognition of Eliyan’s pivotal role in advancing semiconductor design and manufacturing. Industry forecasts by market researcher Arete Research project a staggering 331% increase in the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) sector this year, followed by a robust 124% growth in 2025. With demand for AI chips skyrocketing, Eliyan is strategically positioned to address these market dynamics through its innovative chiplet interconnect technology.

  • Performance Enhancement: Eliyan’s chiplet interconnect technology achieves up to four times the performance and half the power consumption of existing solutions, driving unparalleled efficiency in AI chip processing.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The NuLink PHY seamlessly integrates with advanced or standard packaging materials, offering versatility and scalability for chip makers.
  • Addressing Memory Capacity Challenges: In addition to die-to-die interconnect, Eliyan’s Universal Memory Interface (UMI) tackles the growing challenge of memory capacity and bandwidth in AI chips, paving the way for enhanced performance in large, multi-die designs.
  • Commercial Readiness: NuLink PHY has achieved commercial readiness with tape outs in the most advanced processes, including TSMC’s 3nm process, demonstrating Eliyan’s commitment to technological advancement and industry leadership.

The funding round saw participation from a consortium of strategic investors, including Samsung Catalyst Fund, Tiger Global Management, Intel Capital, SK Hynix, Cleveland Avenue, and Mesh Ventures. This diverse group of investors reflects the industry’s confidence in Eliyan’s vision and its transformative impact on chiplet connectivity technology.

Ramin Farjadrad, CEO of Eliyan, expressed gratitude for the investors’ support and outlined the company’s vision for the future. With NuLink technology poised to revolutionize chiplet connectivity, Eliyan aims to enable the ultimate chiplet systems for the new AI era. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to overcoming critical challenges such as high costs, low yield, power consumption, manufacturing complexity, and size limitations.

Marco Chisari, head of Samsung Semiconductor Innovation Center, and Srini Ananth, managing director at Intel Capital, lauded Eliyan’s advancements in interconnect architecture and scalability in the AI era. Both emphasized the pivotal role Eliyan plays in driving semiconductor innovation and meeting the evolving demands of intensive workloads and cutting-edge applications, including Generative AI and automotive technologies.

As Eliyan secures $60 million in funding, it solidifies its position as a trailblazer in chiplet interconnect technology. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and industry collaboration, Eliyan is poised to shape the future of semiconductor design and manufacturing, unlocking new levels of performance, efficiency, and scalability in the AI era.

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