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Bybit Initiates Crypto Trading Operations in the Netherlands

ByDayne Lee

Mar 31, 2024
Bybit Initiates Crypto Trading Operations in the Netherlands

Bybit Initiates Crypto Trading Operations in the Netherlands

In a strategic pivot towards European expansion, Bybit, recognized as one of the globe’s most voluminous cryptocurrency exchanges, has inaugurated its operations in the Netherlands. This move comes on the heels of encountering regulatory hurdles in Hong Kong, underscoring the exchange’s adaptive response to global regulatory landscapes.

A New Era for Dutch Crypto Traders

On March 28, Bybit unveiled its dedicated digital asset platform,, tailored for the Dutch market. This platform, fully regulated within the Netherlands, marks a significant milestone in providing local investors with both cryptocurrency trading opportunities and educational resources, fostering a well-informed trading community.

This venture is propelled by a partnership with Satos, a pioneering Bitcoin-focused entity in the Netherlands, heralding a collaborative effort to integrate fiat transactions and offer an extensive range of trading pairs—over 300 to be precise. Bybit’s foray into the Dutch market encapsulates the company’s ethos of prioritizing user service while navigating the intricacies of regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Alignment and Strategic Collaborations

Bybit’s Co-founder and CEO, Ben Zhou, emphasized the strategic alliance with Satos as a cornerstone for delivering a fortified trading environment. Zhou highlighted the commitment to security and customer support as foundational elements of this new offering. This development follows the exchange’s decision to halt derivatives services in the Netherlands in February 2024, aligning with directives from the Dutch central bank, showcasing Bybit’s adaptability to regulatory standards.

The backdrop to Bybit’s European expansion is characterized by a landscape of regulatory adjustments. Notably, the exchange had to suspend specific services previously, adhering to the guidelines set by the Dutch authorities. This context reflects a broader industry trend, with counterparts like Binance and Gemini also recalibrating their operations in compliance with Dutch regulations.

Despite these challenges, Bybit’s initiative signifies a proactive approach towards maintaining its global presence, particularly amidst scrutiny from regulatory bodies such as Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). The SFC’s cautionary stance towards Bybit’s unlicensed offerings in multiple jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, underscores the imperative for crypto exchanges to seek regulated avenues for their services.

Bybit’s Global Stature and Future Prospects

Founded in 2018, Bybit has ascended to prominence within the crypto exchange sphere, boasting a daily spot trading volume that recently peaked at $4.3 billion. This achievement positions Bybit as a formidable competitor in the global exchange arena, trailing only behind industry titan Binance in terms of volume.

Launch DateMarch 28
RegulationFully regulated in the Netherlands
CollaborationPartnership with Satos
Trading PairsOver 300 pairs
Previous Services in NetherlandsDiscontinuation of derivatives services in compliance with local regulations
Global Regulatory ChallengesRegulatory scrutiny in Hong Kong

Bybit’s expansion into the Netherlands, through the launch of, represents a strategic adaptation to the evolving global regulatory framework affecting the cryptocurrency industry. By prioritizing compliance and fostering educational initiatives, Bybit sets a precedent for exchanges navigating the complexities of international markets. As the crypto landscape continues to mature, Bybit’s ability to pivot and align with regulatory expectations will be crucial in sustaining its growth and reinforcing its position as a leading exchange on the global stage.

Featured image credit: sdx15 via Shutterstock

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