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Samsung’s profit is expected to reach its highest in six quarters due to rising chip prices.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Apr 17, 2024

Samsung’s profit is expected to reach its highest in six quarters due to rising chip prices.

In a surprising turnaround from last year’s slump, Samsung Electronics is poised to unveil a substantial surge in its first-quarter earnings, indicative of a broader recovery in the semiconductor sector. The anticipated results highlight not only a revival in chip prices but also Samsung’s enduring resilience and strategic positioning in the volatile tech landscape.

The semiconductor industry is witnessing a robust rebound as memory chip prices climb from the depths reached in the mid-2022 downturn. Analysts attribute this recovery to a resurgence in demand post-pandemic, coupled with strategic supply adjustments by major players like Samsung.

  • DRAM chips, essential for tech devices, saw a 20% price increase compared to the previous quarter.
  • NAND Flash chips, used for data storage, experienced a 23% to 28% price surge.

These trends signal a significant shift from the previous period’s stagnation, propelling Samsung’s earnings to new heights.

Samsung’s response to the changing market dynamics has been multifaceted, focusing on innovation, strategic supply management, and tapping into new demand areas like artificial intelligence chipsets.

  • Flagship Product Launch: The introduction of the Galaxy S24 smartphones, featuring advanced AI capabilities, demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to maintaining its competitive edge in the high-end market segment.
  • Supply Strategy: By limiting the supply of lower-margin chips during the downturn, Samsung effectively managed market supply, aiding in the swift recovery of chip prices.

Samsung’s performance is a testament to its strategic foresight and operational excellence, especially when compared to its peers in the semiconductor and consumer electronics sectors. While the entire industry benefits from the price recovery, Samsung’s ability to leverage its diverse portfolio—from memory chips to mobile devices—sets it apart.

Industry experts laud Samsung’s strategic positioning and its adaptability to market fluctuations. “Samsung’s agile response to the semiconductor market’s ups and downs highlights its leadership and innovative capacity,” notes a leading market analyst. These sentiments reflect a broad consensus on Samsung’s robust performance and its role in shaping the market’s trajectory.

The table below provides a detailed view of Samsung’s earnings across its key business units, underscoring the impact of the semiconductor recovery and its mobile division’s performance.

Business UnitQ1 Last Year (in trillion won)Q1 This Year (in trillion won)Percentage Change
Semiconductors0.75Estimated increaseSignificant
Mobile Devices3.943.8Slight Decrease
Table: Samsung’s Earnings Breakdown by Business Unit

Key Highlights:

  • The semiconductor division is set to report its first profit in five quarters.
  • The mobile business, despite a slight dip, continues to perform robustly with the launch of new flagship products.

Looking ahead, the semiconductor market’s recovery appears sustainable, driven by increasing demand for high-performance computing and AI chipsets. Samsung’s strategic investments in these areas position it well to capitalize on these trends. However, challenges remain, including competition intensity and potential market volatility.

Samsung’s expected earnings announcement is a beacon of optimism for the technology sector, reflecting not just a recovery in semiconductor prices but also the strategic acumen of one of the industry’s giants. As the market continues to evolve, Samsung’s adaptability and innovative drive will be crucial in maintaining its leadership position.

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