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OnePlus has developed its own iteration of the Google Magic Eraser feature.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Apr 19, 2024
OnePlus has developed its own iteration of the Google Magic Eraser feature.

OnePlus has developed its own iteration of the Google Magic Eraser feature.

OnePlus, the smartphone manufacturer known for its unconventional approach, has recently launched a new feature that underscores its commitment to innovation in artificial intelligence. Dubbed the AI Eraser, this tool is not a mere imitation of Google’s Magic Eraser; it’s a distinct product born from OnePlus’s ambition to mark its presence in the AI domain.

Unlike Google’s Magic Eraser, which has been a part of the tech landscape since the Pixel 6 event in March 2021, and the Magic Editor introduced at I/O 2023, OnePlus has taken a different path. The AI Eraser is the outcome of OnePlus’s extensive research and development in artificial intelligence, highlighting the company’s intention to forge its own path in this competitive field.

OnePlus’s R&D Triumph: The AI Eraser

According to the press materials released by OnePlus, the AI Eraser is a product of significant investment in research and development, including the creation of a proprietary large language model (LLM):

  • Innovative Technology: Built from the ground up, utilizing a first-party large language model trained on extensive datasets.
  • Advanced Visual Understanding: Capable of comprehensively understanding complex scenes to replace unwanted elements with contextually suitable substitutes, enhancing the overall appeal of photos.
  • User Empowerment: Offers the ability for high-quality photo edits on-the-go, making it a convenient tool for users everywhere.

Despite the availability of Google’s similar feature across various platforms, OnePlus’s AI Eraser signifies the company’s desire to establish a unique foothold in the burgeoning smartphone market.

Availability Across OnePlus Devices

The roll-out of AI Eraser will commence this month, enhancing the photography experience on several OnePlus models:

Device ModelAvailability
OnePlus 12Yes
OnePlus 12RYes
OnePlus 11Yes
OnePlus OpenYes
OnePlus Nord CE 4Yes
  • Exclusivity: This feature highlights OnePlus’s strategy to offer exclusive, cutting-edge technology to its users.
  • Broad Deployment: Ensures a wide array of the OnePlus user base can access this innovative feature.
  • Notable Exclusion: The R12-D12 model will not receive this update, underscoring the selective rollout strategy.

OnePlus’s latest venture into AI with the AI Eraser is a testament to the company’s enduring pursuit of innovation, setting a precedent for future technological advancements. As the tech world continues to evolve, OnePlus’s efforts to differentiate itself may well pave the way for novel applications of AI in the smartphone industry. This initiative, as presented by DMR News, not only showcases OnePlus’s dedication to research and development but also its resolve to provide unique value to its customers, reaffirming its position in the competitive smartphone market.

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