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Amazon Trims Hundreds of Jobs in AWS Cloud Computing Sector

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 10, 2024
Amazon Trims Hundreds of Jobs in AWS Cloud Computing Sector

Amazon Trims Hundreds of Jobs in AWS Cloud Computing Sector

Amazon has announced a significant reduction in its workforce, particularly within its AWS Cloud Computing Unit.

The company confirmed on Wednesday, April 3rd its decision to eliminate “a few hundred roles” within the team responsible for its physical stores’ technology. This news came just a day after Amazon disclosed its decision to discontinue Just Walk Out technology in U.S. grocery stores.

These job reductions are also taking place within the AWS sales, marketing, and global service organization, implicating “several hundred roles” according to the company. Amazon attributes these layoffs to adjustments in business strategies, particularly affecting AWS training and certification programs, as well as sales operations.

Amazon’s spokesperson, Duncan Neasham, articulated the company’s stance, stating, “These decisions are difficult but necessary as we continue to invest, hire, and optimize resources to deliver innovation for our customers.” This statement underscores Amazon’s intention to streamline its operations while continuing to explore avenues for growth and innovation.

Other Amazon Departments Are Also Facing Cuts

The recent AWS layoffs are part of a broader trend of job reductions across Amazon and its subsidiaries:

  • Prime Video and MGM Studios: Earlier in the year, Amazon reduced its workforce, affecting several hundred employees.
  • Twitch: The live streaming platform owned by Amazon laid off over 500 employees in an effort to manage costs.
  • Audible: Known for its audiobooks and podcasts, this Amazon subsidiary saw layoffs of about 5% of its workforce.

Amazon’s Future Hiring Plans

Despite these job cuts, Amazon has indicated that it will continue to recruit for roles in areas it identifies as priorities, with thousands of AWS job positions currently advertised online. The company also intends to explore internal opportunities for those employees whose roles are impacted by the layoffs.

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