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Malwarebytes Strengthens Consumer Privacy with New Digital Tools

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 21, 2024
Malwarebytes Strengthens Consumer Privacy with New Digital Tools

Malwarebytes Strengthens Consumer Privacy with New Digital Tools

Malwarebytes has recently launched a new version of its Digital Footprint Portal tool, which is designed to help users identify and address potential security risks related to their personal data. This tool, available for free, provides insights into how users’ personal information such as passwords, social security numbers, and social media accounts might be exposed online.

What Does the New Digital Footprint Portal Offer?

The upgraded Digital Footprint Portal tool allows users to see detailed information about their personal data that may be compromised. Once a user verifies their identity through an email authentication process, the tool reveals various types of exposed personally identifiable information (PII). This includes phone numbers, addresses, and even passwords.

Notably, Oren Arar, Vice President of Consumer Privacy at Malwarebytes, emphasized that the exposure of passwords is often not limited to outdated or weak ones but includes those potentially compromised by modern cybersecurity threats such as infostealers and botnets. A recent study from SpyCloud indicated that 61% of the breaches it analyzed involved malware, resulting in the theft of over 344 million credentials.

Arar also highlighted the risks associated with the exposure of social security numbers, explaining how this information could be used to fraudulently open credit accounts online. Furthermore, the issue extends to social media accounts where attackers employ tactics like password spraying to gain access, which could lead to more significant financial breaches.

The Digital Footprint Portal not only identifies these risks but also offers remediation advice. For example, it suggests setting up multi-factor authentication on sensitive accounts and recommends activating credit monitoring if a social security number has been compromised.

Since its initial release, the Digital Footprint tool has been used by 1 million people, revealing that a significant number have had various personal details exposed online. These statistics include:

  • 60% with plain text passwords visible
  • 50% with their full name leaked
  • 41% with exposed dates of birth
  • 26% with phone numbers compromised

Malwarebytes Partners Up with ConnectWise

In a separate but related development, Malwarebytes has integrated its ThreatDown solutions, including ThreatDown EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and ThreatDown MDR (Managed Detection and Response), with ConnectWise. This integration, certified through the ConnectWise Invent program, is aimed at providing ConnectWise customers with improved access to Malwarebytes’ comprehensive suite of security solutions.

This strategic partnership is particularly significant for managed service providers (MSPs) and cloud resellers, facilitating streamlined and efficient cybersecurity management, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that often lack extensive in-house IT resources.

Brian Thomas, SVP of Global Channels at Malwarebytes, emphasized the importance of providing MSPs with tools that reduce complexity and cost while effectively countering sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Meanwhile, Chris Timms, EVP & GM, Ecosystems for ConnectWise, expressed enthusiasm for the integration, noting that it aligns with their goal of arming partners with the tools necessary for success and expansion in the IT services market.

These developments underline Malwarebytes’ commitment to enhancing cybersecurity accessibility and effectiveness, whether through individual tools that help consumers protect their personal information or through strategic partnerships aimed at bolstering security infrastructure for businesses.

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