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Amazon Unveils New Grocery Delivery Subscription in the US

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 27, 2024
Amazon Unveils New Grocery Delivery Subscription in the US

Amazon Unveils New Grocery Delivery Subscription in the US

Amazon has introduced a new grocery delivery subscription service for its Prime members and those with an EBT card in the United States. The service is available in over 3,500 cities and towns and provides unlimited grocery deliveries for a monthly fee.

This launch expands Amazon’s existing e-commerce and delivery services, positioning it against competitors like Walmart Plus and Target’s grocery delivery options.

Amazon’s New Subscription

The new subscription service, tested last year in Denver, Sacramento, and Columbus, is now offered at $9.99 per month for Amazon Prime members and a reduced rate of $4.99 per month for EBT card holders.

Subscribers will benefit from free delivery on orders exceeding $35 from Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, and various local and specialty retailers including Cardenas Markets, Save Mart, Bartell Drugs, Rite Aid, Pet Food Express, and Mission Wine & Spirit.

Amazon’s subscription model is designed to be economically advantageous for users who place even a single order per month. It includes perks such as one-hour delivery windows at no additional cost, unlimited 30-minute pickups regardless of order size, and priority access to slots for recurring weekly deliveries.

Competing with Major Retailers

Comparatively, Walmart Plus offers a similar service for $12.95 per month or $98 annually, while Target provides free grocery delivery for $99 per year. Both competitors maintain the same minimum order requirement as Amazon’s new plan.

Additionally, Amazon recently made changes to its in-store technology by removing its “Just Walk Out” feature, which allowed customers to skip the traditional checkout process. The company is transitioning to its Dash Cart, which automatically scans products as customers add them to their carts, enhancing the shopping experience and streamlining operations.

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