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Base Founder Jesse Pollak Champions Memes as Drivers of Crypto Onboarding Explosion

ByDayne Lee

Apr 24, 2024
Base Founder Jesse Pollak Champions Memes as Drivers of Crypto Onboarding Explosion

Base Founder Jesse Pollak Champions Memes as Drivers of Crypto Onboarding Explosion

Jesse Pollak, the founder of Base, a layer-2 network associated with Coinbase, recently highlighted the significant role memes play in driving user engagement and adoption within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Speaking at a memecoin hackathon in New York on April 20, Pollak expressed his enthusiasm for the creative potential of memes to attract millions of users to the blockchain.

The Role of Memes in Crypto Adoption

Pollak observed that memes are not just for entertainment; they are becoming a pivotal element in the on-chain economy, helping to introduce new users to digital assets and blockchain technology. During the event, he noted the surge in activity on Base, especially following the Ethereum Dencun upgrade in mid-March, which enhanced the performance of layer-2 networks like Base by reducing transaction fees.

Growth and Impact of Memecoins on Base

Since the upgrade, Base has seen a nearly 250% increase in Total Value Locked (TVL), reaching a peak of $1.61 billion on April 21. Pollak attributed part of this growth to the vibrant memecoin sector within the Base ecosystem, which has effectively used humor and community spirit to onboard a diverse new audience.

Pollak described the ongoing developments as a “Cambrian explosion of onboarding experiments,” where various communities attempt innovative strategies to share their unique cultures and values through blockchain technology. He emphasized that these memecoins are not merely speculative tools but gateways that bring more people into the fold of digital currencies.

Among the standout memecoins on Base, BRETT has emerged as a leader with a market capitalization of $567 million, experiencing a staggering price increase of 7,780% since early March. Other notable memecoins include DEGEN and TOSHI, with significant market caps of $435 million and $185 million, respectively.

Challenges and Risks in the Memecoin Sector

Despite the exciting growth and innovative potential of memecoins, challenges remain. A recent investigative report by Cointelegraph highlighted that 16.7% of new memecoins on Base were identified as scams, and a vast majority displayed vulnerabilities that could risk investor funds.

As Base continues to attract a wide array of developers and users, the impact of memecoins illustrates the broader trend of how creative, culturally resonant projects can dramatically alter the landscape of cryptocurrency adoption. Pollak remains optimistic about the future, envisioning memecoins as fundamental drivers that will continually attract millions to the platform through their relentless and creative community engagement efforts.

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