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Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibitions, Emdoor Digital Showcases New Technology Trends

ByYasmeeta Oon

Apr 28, 2024

Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibitions, Emdoor Digital Showcases New Technology Trends

From April 18th to 21st, Emdoor Digital presented its full range of products from Hall 7, Booth 7Q20, at Asia World-Expo’s Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibitions, Hong Kong. The Company showcased new products and high-end technologies for various industries, including mobile devices, intelligent central control, and industry-specific application terminals, to global customers.


(Emdoor Digital’s booth view)

AI PCs are highly popular in 2024. At this exhibition, Emdoor Digital closely followed the trend of technological development and highlighted the latest AI PC products. As a revolutionary product for PCs, AI PCs are equipped with a 3-in-1 hybrid architecture of CPU, GPU, and NPU, which provides more computing power and higher energy-efficiency ratios and creates a faster, more reliable, and more private user experience for consumers. In addition to powerful computing capabilities, Emdoor Digital can also provide consumers with AIGC (Generative AI) client application software solutions. Based on the consumer AI computing platform, Emdoor Digital utilizes a diverse deep learning inference suite that perfectly adapts to various AI acceleration engine technologies. The platform supports mainstream AI frameworks and integrates rich third-party localized lightweight models, including big language models, Text-To-Image models, and Image-To-Image models, providing customers with comprehensive and flexible AI solutions.

At the exhibition, Emdoor Digital gathered with many industry partners and exchanged in-depth information on the current and future development of the industry. Emdoor Digital actively displayed the latest technology and products, and discussed the new opportunities of the industry with everyone.

About Emdoor Digital: Shenzhen Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 as a national high-tech enterprise focusing on consumer mobile terminals, industry terminals, and artificial intelligence terminal solutions, and as a leading domestic and global solution provider of tablets and notebooks. Emdoor Digital focuses on the development and production of notebooks, tablets, intelligent business displays, face & voice interactive display terminals, and localization products, which are mainly used in home, office, entertainment, education, business, transportation, health, and other fields to provide more convenient and intelligent services for people’s production and lives. Emdoor Digital is committed to being the world’s leading solutions company, providing customers with a one-stop shop for pre-sales, on-sales, and after-sales services.

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Organization: Emdoor Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.


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