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Pinterest Reports AI Collages Outperforms Pins in User Engagement

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 5, 2024

Pinterest Reports AI Collages Outperforms Pins in User Engagement

Pinterest has announced that its AI-powered collages are now attracting three times more user engagement compared to its traditional Pins. This revelation was part of a broader discussion during the company’s Q1 2024 earnings call.

The collages, which allow users to combine images from the web and Pinterest, along with personal photos, have become a favored format especially among Gen Z users, making up nearly 70% of collage creators on the platform.

Where Did Pinterest’s Collage Feature Come From?

Originally launched as a standalone iOS app named Shuffles in summer 2022, the collage feature gained traction quickly, particularly with younger audiences. It enabled users to create mood boards and interest-specific collages, which they often shared on platforms like TikTok, accompanied by music. This feature was later integrated into the main Pinterest platform due to its popularity.

The appeal of these collages lies in their design and functionality. Users can curate content seamlessly, combining their personal style or interests into visually appealing collages that resemble pages from traditional fashion magazines. Moreover, these collages are interactive, with most images being directly shoppable, enhancing the shopping experience on Pinterest.

AI Technology Fuels User Engagement

Bill Ready, CEO of Pinterest, emphasized the significance of these collages in the company’s strategy. He highlighted that collages are not only more likely to be saved by users but also contain clickable products, driving sales and engagement. The AI and computer vision technologies behind these features allow users to ‘cut out’ objects from images, much like using digital scissors, a technique that enriches the user’s ability to create personalized and relevant content collections.

This advanced feature leverages user interactions as a ‘flywheel effect’, providing the AI with rich data signals. These interactions help train the AI to offer unique functionalities not available on other platforms, thus enhancing Pinterest’s competitive edge in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Impressive Growth in Q1 2024

The company also reported substantial growth in its Q1 2024 earnings, marking its fastest revenue increase since 2021. Pinterest recorded a revenue of $740 million, a 23% rise from the previous year, and an earnings per share (EPS) of 20 cents, surpassing the expected 13 cents. This growth is largely attributed to the increased activity of Gen Z users, who now represent over 40% of the platform’s demographic, and a resurgence in brand advertising spending.

In his comments, Ready noted the unique trend of Pinterest ‘aging down’, as more young users join and engage with the platform, contrary to the usual ‘aging up’ trend seen in other consumer internet applications as they mature.

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