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Sony Appoints New Co-CEOs to Lead PlayStation

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 15, 2024
Sony Appoints New Co-CEOs to Lead PlayStation

Sony Appoints New Co-CEOs to Lead PlayStation

Sony has unveiled a significant leadership transformation within its PlayStation division, appointing Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino as co-CEOs, a move set to take effect from June 1st. This change comes shortly after the retirement of Jim Ryan, the former head of PlayStation. Hermen Hulst, who is presently the head of PlayStation Studios, will take charge of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) studio business group.

Concurrently, Hideaki Nishino, who has been with Sony for over two decades and held various roles, is slated to lead SIE’s platform business group. Both new appointees will report directly to Hiroki Totoki, who is Sony’s CFO as well as the chairman of SIE.

This restructuring introduces a dual CEO role to Sony’s PlayStation business for the first time. It aligns with Sony’s strategic repositioning as the gaming industry faces significant economic challenges, including layoffs and shifts in consumer demand.

The gaming sector has been notably unstable, with Sony laying off 900 PlayStation employees earlier this year and shutting down its London Studio, which was instrumental in developing games for PlayStation VR. These changes within Sony occurred amidst broader industry layoffs, including Microsoft’s recent reduction of 1,900 employees from its Activision and Xbox divisions, alongside the closure of Bethesda studios that produced titles such as Redfall and Hi-Fi Rush.

The timing of Sony’s announcement came just hours before the company is scheduled to report its earnings for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023. Last quarter, Sony revised its PS5 sales forecasts downward, which places additional scrutiny on the upcoming earnings report to reveal the actual sales figures of the PS5 units. This financial update is eagerly anticipated, offering insights into the effectiveness of Sony’s current strategies and its operational focus in a challenging market.

Further expanding on Sony’s strategic direction, during an earlier earnings call this year, Hiroki Totoki discussed the company’s intention to broaden the reach of PlayStation games beyond the traditional console market into multiplatform offerings, including PC. Totoki emphasized the potential for synergy in expanding strong first-party content across various platforms, which he believes could significantly enhance Sony’s operational profitability.

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