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Montreal’s TAGMED Clinic Offers Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy for Herniated Disc Treatment

ByEthan Lin

May 14, 2024
Montreal's TAGMED Clinic Offers Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy for Herniated Disc Treatment

Chronic neck and back pain can be incapacitating and can even affect the patient’s quality of life. Many people struggle to find effective treatments that provide lasting relief, as traditional methods often fail to address the root causes of the problem. Conventional treatments, such as acupuncture, massage, medication, chiropractic, osteopathy and physical therapy, may provide temporary relief. Still, they often do not target the underlying issues, leaving individuals frustrated and seeking alternative solutions. This is where practices like TAGMED Clinic shine. They are equipped with the necessary resources to provide superior quality neck and back pain treatment options, including spinal decompression therapy, to their patients.

People describe sciatica pain differently, with some experiencing sharp, shooting, or jolting pain. In contrast, others report a “burning,” “electric,” or “stabbing” sensation. The pain can be constant or intermittent, often more severe in the leg than in the lower back. It may worsen when sitting or standing for prolonged periods, standing up, or twisting the upper body. Sudden movements like coughing or sneezing can also exacerbate the pain. Some individuals may mistake sciatica pain for a cramp or minor muscle spasm, preventing them from seeking appropriate care. Therefore, it is advisable to consult healthcare professionals at TAGMED Clinic for proper diagnosis and sciatica treatment planning. 

“Following sciatica caused by a herniated disc, my visit to the TAGMED Clinic and the spinal decompression therapy treatment offered by Dr. Sylvain Desforges, osteopath, were revolutionary. This specialized approach provided me with lasting and significant relief. I am infinitely grateful for this transformative experience and highly recommend their exceptional care.” – Jean D.

Suppose the pain is caused by a pinched disc, bulging disc, or herniated disc. In that case, spinal decompression is a safe and effective treatment for these conditions. This non-invasive technique utilizes a robotic traction table to gently stretch the spine, creating negative pressure within the discs. This negative pressure helps to reduce the compression on the discs and nerves, allowing herniated or bulging discs to retract and alleviate the associated pain and discomfort. Even though it is non-surgical, herniated disc treatment through spinal decompression is an elaborate procedure. Therefore, patients must consult experienced healthcare professionals and make an appointment with private clinics like TAGMED Clinic. Their team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who provide personalized and effective care, tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Not everyone enjoys taking pills for pain relief. Moreover, painkillers for chronic back pain can be costly and may potentially cause adverse side effects. Healthcare specialists at establishments like TAGMED Clinic offer non-pharmaceutical treatment options for individuals who prefer to avoid medications or are seeking alternatives to long-term medication use. Their unique protocol combines advanced equipment, specific osteopathy techniques, precision percussion treatment, and spinal decompression therapy, creating an extensive methodology for treating these draining conditions. 

Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Sylvain Desforges D.O., osteopath
Email: Send Email
Organization: TAGMED Clinic
Address: 1140 Av. Beaumont, Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3E5, Canada
Phone: +1 877 672 9060

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