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Worldcoin Enhances Biometric Security by Open-Sourcing Its Data System

ByDayne Lee

May 17, 2024

Worldcoin Enhances Biometric Security by Open-Sourcing Its Data System

In a significant development for biometric data protection, the Worldcoin Foundation, recognized for its innovative iris biometric cryptocurrency project, has taken a proactive step by open-sourcing its secure multi-party computation (SMPC) system as of May 15. This move aims to bolster the security and privacy of biometric data handling.

The Role of SMPC in Enhancing Data Privacy

The newly open-sourced SMPC system is designed to encrypt iris codes into secret shares that are distributed among multiple parties. This technology is crucial for the Worldcoin Foundation as it allows for the permanent deletion of iris codes previously used in its uniqueness-checking systems. Remco Bloemen, the head of protocol at the Worldcoin Foundation, emphasized the role of this development in setting new security benchmarks in the realm of biometric data.

One of the standout features of the Worldcoin Foundation’s SMPC approach is its potential effectiveness against quantum computing threats. This aspect is particularly significant given the growing concerns about quantum computers’ ability to break traditional encryption methods.

A report from Fortune Business Insights highlighted the expected growth in the global biometric system market, projecting an increase from $30.77 billion in 2022 to $76.70 billion by 2029. Concurrently, research from MIT’s Stuart Madnick has shown a 20% rise in data breaches between 2022 and 2023, with the number of impacted individuals doubling, underscoring the urgency for enhanced data protection measures.

Commitment to Data Protection and Compliance

Jannick Preiwisch, Worldcoin Foundation’s data protection officer, stressed the organization’s dedication to advancing privacy-focused technologies to foster trust online and broaden access to the global economy. He noted that the development of the SMPC system aligns with stringent data protection standards, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In response to previous regulatory scrutiny, particularly concerning GDPR compliance, Worldcoin has implemented several measures to enhance user privacy. These include making the software of its iris-scanning device (Orb) open-source and introducing a “personal custody” feature that allows users more control over their data. Moreover, recent updates have enabled users to un-verify their World IDs, providing further privacy assurances.

Worldcoin’s Market Presence and User Engagement

The beginning of the year marked significant milestones for Worldcoin, with its daily active user count for the wallet app exceeding one million and its token, WLD, experiencing a 141% surge. These achievements reflect the growing interest and engagement in the platform’s offerings.

The Worldcoin Foundation’s open-sourcing of its SMPC system represents a pivotal advancement in biometric data security. By embracing transparency and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Worldcoin is not only enhancing its compliance with global data protection standards but is also paving the way for safer and more secure biometric implementations in the digital age.

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