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Five On-Chain Metrics Suggest Crypto Bull Market May Just Be Starting

ByDayne Lee

May 20, 2024
Five On-Chain Metrics Suggest Crypto Bull Market May Just Be Starting

Five On-Chain Metrics Suggest Crypto Bull Market May Just Be Starting

Despite the cryptocurrency markets exhibiting sideways movement over the past three months, a surge in bullish sentiment is evidenced by five significant on-chain indicators. These indicators hint that the bull market might be just initiating, according to insights shared by an analyst known as “ELI5 of TLDR” in a May 19 post on X.

Since late February, the total market capitalization has stabilized around $2.5 trillion, creating a divide among market spectators regarding the potential continuation or culmination of the current cycle.

Bitcoin Market Dominance Stays Strong Traditionally, a robust bull market begins with high Bitcoin dominance, which remains above 56% according to TradingView data. A high dominance indicates that the market is not yet ready to transition into an altcoin season, which typically marks the later stages of a bull market.

Bitcoin MVRV Z-Score Remains Low The Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) Z-Score, which helps identify speculative excesses, is currently below three. Historical data suggests that a score nearing six often coincides with market peaks, underscoring a potential upside as current levels are considerably lower.

Puell Multiple Yet to Peak The Puell Multiple, another critical metric that compares the daily issuance value of Bitcoins to the yearly moving average, suggests the market hasn’t reached the peak since it has not exceeded a value of three, typical of past cycle peaks.

Hodl Waves Indicate Strong Holding Patterns Analysis from LookIntoBitcoin shows that the majority of Bitcoin remains in the hands of long-term holders, a bullish sign indicating reduced selling pressure and potential for price appreciation.

Stable Bitcoin Miner Revenue Per Hash The miner revenue per hash metric indicates consistent earnings among miners, which historically peaks during market highs. Current levels suggest there is room for growth before reaching overheating territory.

Contrasting Indicators

Despite the bullish indicators, some metrics suggest caution. The Realized HODL (RHODL) ratio and the Cumulative Value-Days Destroyed (CVDD) both suggest a potential market peak could be near, indicating that older coins are moving, possibly to realize profits.

These indicators not only suggest underlying strengths but also highlight the maturation of the cryptocurrency market. As institutional and retail interest continues to grow, understanding these metrics becomes crucial for predicting market movements and potential turning points.

Cryptocurrency remains a dynamic field, with technical indicators providing essential insights into market sentiment and potential trends. As the market evolves, these on-chain metrics will play a crucial role in guiding investors and traders through the complexities of cryptocurrency investments.

Featured image credit: Mete Demiralp via Bitcoin Sistemi

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