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OpenAI Strikes New Content Licensing Agreements with The Atlantic and Vox Media

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 30, 2024
OpenAI Strikes New Content Licensing Agreements with The Atlantic and Vox Media

OpenAI Strikes New Content Licensing Agreements with The Atlantic and Vox Media

OpenAI has entered into new partnerships with prestigious media publishers, The Atlantic and Vox Media, to incorporate their content into its training datasets for language and multimedia AI models. These partnerships allow OpenAI to enhance the capabilities of models like GPT-4o and Sora by leveraging the extensive media libraries of these established publishers.

The partnerships were announced separately by each media house. Vox Media, the parent company of prominent titles such as The Verge,, New York Magazine, and others, along with The Atlantic, have agreed to license their content to OpenAI. In return, they will gain access to OpenAI’s advanced technological tools alongside the licensing fees.

This collaboration marks another significant step in OpenAI’s strategy to broaden its data sources, following a similar, substantial agreement with News Corp. last week, valued at $250 million over five years.

Pam Wasserstein, President of Vox Media, contextualized the significance of their partnership with OpenAI, emphasizing its alignment with Vox Media’s broader strategy to remain indispensable to their audience. “The roadmap we’ve set across the company to support audience loyalty and editorial differentiation is even more important in the generative AI era,” Wasserstein stated.

She highlighted the importance of innovation and the careful integration of AI tools to support Vox Media’s journalistic integrity and creative processes. The company is also focused on protecting its intellectual property and ensuring fair compensation for the use of its content, setting a significant precedent in the media industry.

Despite the enthusiasm for these technological advances, there are voices of caution within the journalism community. Jessica Lessin, founder and CEO of The Information, recently expressed concerns in The Atlantic about the rapid pace at which media companies are providing their valuable content to AI developers like OpenAI. She implies that while the deals are financially attractive, the broader implications for journalistic integrity and control over content deserve careful consideration.

Here are the partnerships between OpenAI and the media companies and publications so far:

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