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Crunchbase Expands Diversity Tracking Feature Across Europe to Support Minority Founders

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jun 15, 2024

Crunchbase Expands Diversity Tracking Feature Across Europe to Support Minority Founders

Crunchbase has announced the expansion of its Diversity Spotlight feature to Europe, aimed at enhancing transparency in venture capital funding for minority founders. Initially launched in 2020 and later augmented with an LGBTQ+ tag, the feature allows companies to label themselves as Black-owned, women-led, and more. This initiative helps track venture funding directed towards various minority groups.

Addressing Funding Disparities

The rollout in Europe, in partnership with I³ Investing—a firm dedicated to queer and migrant founders—along with other organizations like Female Founders and Colorintech, seeks to address the disparities in funding.

For instance, data indicates that Black founders in the U.K. receive less than 1% of the total venture capital, mirroring similar underfunding issues in the U.S. Similarly, global statistics reveal that women receive less than 2% of total venture capital, despite efforts such as the SISTA charter in France to correct these imbalances.

Ryan Husk, Crunchbase’s director of business development and partnerships, emphasized in a blog post that the primary goal is to combat systemic underfunding and discrimination, aiming to cultivate a more inclusive and equitable startup ecosystem. This feature’s widespread adoption could significantly improve the data landscape, enabling more precise tracking of funding allocation to ethnic minorities, a challenging endeavor in countries like France and Germany.

The European startup community has shown enthusiasm for the feature’s potential to foster transparency and fairness in venture capital. Vigile Hoareau, a French startup founder, praised the initiative for its potential to reveal biases in investment and assist minority founders in realistically valuing their companies.

With over 70,000 U.S. companies already participating by adding diversity tags to their profiles, Crunchbase’s feature is poised to make a similar impact in Europe, hopefully bridging significant information gaps and fostering a more diverse investment environment.

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