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Google Ends Infinite Scroll on Desktop and Mobile Search Results

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jun 30, 2024

Google Ends Infinite Scroll on Desktop and Mobile Search Results

Google is ending infinite scrolling for search results on desktop on June 26 with plans to remove the feature from mobile devices in the coming months. According to a report from Search Engine Land, continuous scrolling, which mimicked the endless scrolling behavior seen in social media feeds, was introduced for mobile search results in October 2021 and extended to desktop search results in late 2022.

On desktops, users will return to using Google’s classic pagination bar, allowing them to navigate directly to a specific page of search results or click “Next” to see additional results. Mobile users will see a “More results” button at the bottom of searches to load subsequent pages.

Google explained that this change aims to deliver search results faster on more searches by avoiding the automatic loading of results that users have not explicitly requested. The decision to end infinite scrolling reflects a shift towards improving efficiency and user experience in search functionalities, ensuring that search results are served more quickly and efficiently.

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