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Interesting Facts And Figures About Mount Everest

ByMike Paul

Dec 28, 2020

Interesting Facts And Figures About Mount Everest

Mountains are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. They are present in every corner of the world and play an important role in various aspects and processes of our lives. There is a huge population of people, who have made the mountains their home. Apart from human beings, they provide shelter for various other life forms. They also provide food and scenic beauty. In short, their contribution is worthy of appreciation.

One such world-famous peak is that of Mount Everest. Widely popular as the tallest mountain, there has been a serious issue plaguing its beauty. This article would throw light on the changing of its height in recent days. This problem is under the radar of many researchers, who are working day and night to find a solution for it.

Importance of Mountains

Before delving into the topic, one should know about the mountains in detail. Given below are some vital advantages provided by the mighty rocks –

  • They play a major role in the water cycle. The maximum portion of the water which everyone uses comes from the rivers and melting ice, traveling via these mountains.
  • They act as a site of tourist attraction and recreation. Activities like camping, trekking, hiking, etc. are done here.
  • Vegetation covers present on these rocks are a source of oxygen and other forest products. They help life to sustain on this earth. The forests are home to millions of animals, insects, and other forms of life. Humans are highly dependent on the supply of these products.
  • They help in maintaining a balance in the climate. In the past, they have aided in protecting countries from the invasion of foreigners, playing an important role.

Height of Peak

The game of nature is too complex to be understood properly. Despite studying and putting in efforts, humans are far behind cracking every secret which nature beholds. Changing heights of peaks is one such weird phenomenon. Recently, scientists in China and Nepal observed that the height of Mount Everest’s peak has risen. The exact reason couldn’t be predicted. However, the theory favours the movement of tectonic plates for this occurrence. Earlier, a sudden earthquake has reduced its height. Hence, people are quite surprised and overwhelmed by this change. Within no time of this announcement, thousands of calls came for inquiry and people began recording the scene. In short, this created lots of controversies worldwide.

Risks Now

Since quite a few years now, the natural gifts are being threatened by a series of factors present in the environment. The major factor being pollution. Apart from that, deforestation is also an issue which is increasing at an alarming rate. If this goes on, within the next 20 years, a big portion of total forest cover would be destroyed. Along with that, the level of pure oxygen would also come down, boosting pollution even more. Mountains are being cut for purposes like construction and building houses. The government must look into this matter and take serious steps against this.

Mike Paul

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