Top Interesting Reasons For The Scientist To Move Away From The Brain Scan

ByMike Paul

Dec 25, 2020

Brain scans mainly produce comprehensive images of the brain. These images mainly are used by doctors to detect and identify some of the serious issues such as tumors, the reasons for the stroke.

Reasons for the scientist to move away from the brain scan

There are mainly 2 types of brain scan:

  1. Magnetic resonance imaging
  2. Computerized tomography

Some of the researchers have studied some brain scans and found how human minds shape their behavior. The findings of this research are mainly re-examined and mainly rely on a popular technique known as fMRI. Scientists have mainly found that some of the analytical errors and misinterpretations of results can lead to inconsistent findings of the actual working of the brain. So, they are looking forward to some alternatives to know about the working of the brain. The brain study results may vary from one to another even if the affected person is in the same condition.

Top steps the scientist use to study brain

Scientists who mainly study the brain using some of the experiments are known as neuroscientists. They mainly use some of the scientific methods to answer the questions. This scientific method does have six important steps:

  1. One should start with the words like ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘how’, ‘when’, or ‘why.’ Most importantly, the question needs to be about something one can measure.
  2. One can ask their parents or teacher, and one can use the books and the internet to collect the information.
  3. One should try to test the hypothesis and answer their question. There are no wrong answers in an experiment.

Scientists mainly study human and animal behavior by using some of the different behavioral tests. As the behavior is controlled by the brain, behavior testing mainly helps the scientists in knowing more about the brain. The neuroscientists also use the high powered microscopes to examine the at brain cells, which are known as neurons. Neurons are the main building blocks of the brain. A healthy neuron is vital for overall brain health. Scientists mainly look at the function and anatomy of the neurons for the healthy people and compare the same to neurons of the brain, which is affected by the disease.

Disadvantages of the brain scan

  1. The static and strong magnetic field will mainly attract the magnetic objects. This may lead to some damage to the scanner or may lead to injury to the patient.
  2. The magnetic fields which mainly change with time normally create loud noises that may affect hearing. They may also cause peripheral nerve stimulation which may feel like a jerking sensation.
  3. The radiofrequency energy which is mainly used during the MRI scan can lead to the heating of the body.

These are some of the facts for which scientists are mainly turning away from the brain scan. By using some of the different scientific methods and performing various experiments, a person mainly knows a lot about every part of the brain.

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