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Echo Spot Returns: Amazon’s Improved Smart Alarm Clock Now Available

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jul 9, 2024

Echo Spot Returns: Amazon’s Improved Smart Alarm Clock Now Available

Amazon has reintroduced its Echo Spot smart alarm clock, reviving the product ahead of the Prime Day shopping event. Priced at $79.99, with a special offer of $44.99 for Prime members through Prime Day, the new Echo Spot features significant upgrades from its 2017 predecessor, which was discontinued in 2019.

The latest Echo Spot model maintains the charming design of the original but now features a split front face, combining a hemispherical display and a front-firing directional speaker. This new configuration aims to provide better sound quality and a sharper display. The original Echo Spot, which was priced at $129, experienced screen flicker issues, and only time will tell if the new model overcomes this problem.

Camera Removal for Privacy Concerns

One of the most notable changes in the new Echo Spot is the removal of the integrated camera. While the camera in the original model facilitated video chats, its absence in the new version addresses privacy concerns for users who were uncomfortable with a camera on their bedside table.

Customization and New Color Options Available

The Echo Spot is available in three colors: Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue. Users can customize the display with six different hues—magenta, violet, orange, lime, teal, and blue—which can be mixed and matched with various clock faces to suit personal preferences.

Enhanced Smart Home Integration with Alexa

The Echo Spot is designed to perform basic smart alarm clock functions through Alexa integration. It can display the time, weather, and song titles when playing music from streaming apps. Users can set alarms, check the weather forecast, and perform other simple tasks using voice commands.

Additionally, the new Echo Spot can connect to compatible smart home products and set up Alexa Routines to automate daily tasks, enhancing its functionality as a smart home device. Unlike Amazon’s Echo Show products, the Echo Spot’s display focuses on animations rather than video content, making it ideal for showing illustrated weather forecasts and other non-video information.

This update comes as Amazon prepares to overhaul Alexa, the voice assistant behind its smart speakers. Historically, Amazon makes significant announcements about its Echo and Alexa lines at its fall event, typically held in September.

Featured Image courtesy of Amazon

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