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Google Maps is launching the speedometer and speed limit features for iPhone and CarPlay users worldwide.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Jul 12, 2024

Google Maps is launching the speedometer and speed limit features for iPhone and CarPlay users worldwide.

In a significant update aimed at enhancing user experience and safety, Google Maps has introduced speedometer and speed limit features on iOS and CarPlay. This new addition comes more than five years after its debut on Android, marking a major milestone for iPhone users who can now benefit from these features to avoid speeding tickets while driving.

TechCrunch has exclusively learned that Google has initiated the global rollout of speedometers and speed limits for iPhone users. This feature, already popular among Android users, is designed to display the vehicle’s speed in miles or kilometers, depending on the user’s region. This update ensures that drivers are constantly aware of their speed, helping them stay within legal limits and avoid fines.

How to Enable the Speedometer and Speed Limits

To activate these new features on Google Maps, iPhone users need to follow a simple process:

  • Tap your profile picture in the Google Maps app.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Navigation.
  • Select Driving options.
  • Turn on the speedometer and speed limits features.

Once enabled, the speed limits feature will visually alert drivers by changing the color of the speed indicator, reminding them to adhere to the speed limit set in their region.

The speedometer and speed limit features in Google Maps offer several functionalities:

  • Informational Use: The speedometer shows the vehicle’s speed for informational purposes only. It is essential for drivers to rely on their vehicle’s speedometer for accurate speed readings.
  • Speed Limits Alerts: The feature changes colors to indicate when the driver is approaching or exceeding the speed limit, providing a visual cue to adjust speed.
  • Regional Adaptability: The speed display adapts to the regional measurement system, showing speed in either miles or kilometers per hour.
Informational SpeedDisplays vehicle’s speed in real-time (informational use only).
Speed Limits AlertsVisual alerts when approaching/exceeding speed limits.
Regional AdaptabilityAdapts speed display to regional measurement system.

Early last week, TechCrunch observed the new speeding features in India. This initial sighting was followed by a confirmation from Google on Tuesday that the rollout would be global, reaching iPhone users across various countries. This development underscores Google’s commitment to enhancing driving safety and user convenience through continuous improvements in its mapping service.

Google initially launched the speedometer and speed limits feature on Android in 2019. Later that year, in May, the feature was expanded to more than 40 countries after being initially available in select markets. This expansion was part of Google’s broader strategy to integrate practical and safety-enhancing features into its widely used navigation app.

The introduction of these features on iOS and CarPlay offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: By providing real-time speed information and alerts, Google Maps helps drivers maintain safe driving speeds.
  • Avoidance of Speeding Fines: The visual alerts assist drivers in staying within speed limits, reducing the risk of speeding tickets.
  • Improved User Experience: The seamless integration of these features into the existing Google Maps interface ensures an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

To make the most of these new features, iPhone users can refer to the following steps:

  1. Profile Settings: Tap on your profile picture within the Google Maps app.
  2. Access Settings: Navigate to the Settings menu.
  3. Enable Navigation Features: Go to Navigation settings.
  4. Driving Options: Select Driving options and toggle on the speedometer and speed limits features.
  5. Visual Alerts: Observe the color changes in the speed indicator, which signal adherence to regional speed limits.

On a support page, Google has emphasized that the speedometer is intended for informational use only. Drivers should always rely on their vehicle’s speedometer for an accurate reading of their actual driving speed. This caution ensures that users do not become overly dependent on the app for critical speed information, which could vary slightly from the vehicle’s onboard systems.

Google’s commitment to improving Google Maps is evident in its continuous updates and feature expansions. The company has hinted at more enhancements in the pipeline, aimed at further improving the navigation experience for users globally. By introducing features that promote safety and convenience, Google Maps remains a leading choice for navigation solutions.

In conclusion, the introduction of speedometer and speed limits features on iOS and CarPlay represents a significant enhancement for Google Maps users. These features, which have been long-awaited by iPhone users, are now available globally, providing real-time speed information and alerts to ensure safer and more compliant driving. As Google continues to innovate and expand its offerings, users can look forward to a continually improving navigation experience.

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