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How New Mexico Schools Are Spending $1B In Pandemic Funding

ByMike Paul

Sep 12, 2021

How New Mexico Schools Are Spending $1B In Pandemic Funding

The world is going through a difficult phase these days; because of the outburst of the pandemic, people are scared, and many have lost their work and sitting idle at homes. Proper precautions must be taken during the period, and the schools and colleges must be online till the circumstances are clear. The government is funding many schools with children whose family income is low for their care and proper education. Education mustn’t be compromised because that is the most important factor that determines the quality and skill of a person, which are two main things every organization is demanding these days.

Many countries are funding their colleges and schools by a good amount, like in billions and the money is being properly utilized in the pandemic.

Why is funding necessary for these schools?

There are many problems the students and the institutions have to face without money. The major issues that make the funding necessary are given below.

  • A proper education- Many countries have laws to provide free education to children for better knowledge. Education is a basic right, and no one should be devoid of it, not even due to a pandemic. The online mode of education has been part of our system since the parents didn’t send their kids and schools didn’t reopen the institute. But, compared to offline mode, where kids can have face-to-face interaction and understand the topics in a better way.
  • Introduction to technology- Technology has empowered every student with the power of science and the internet. The internet has given them connectivity with which they can study online. Without the internet, the teachers and other staff can not communicate, and the education cannot carry one, plus the students are a new generation. They must be known to the devices and technology for better future endeavors.
  • Sports equipment and machines- Sports are an essential part of a student’s life. For student’s better playgrounds and courts must be made. The facilities should be availed for a better experience and overall development of students. To maintain this equipment, one needs funding.
  • Financial crisis- Every parent does not earn high, and because of this money factor, many are deprived of the opportunity to study and gain high-level educations. Therefore, funding is necessary for students from low-class families and do not have that much opportunity.

Many of these factors have been responsible for a good amount of funding. Let’s get to know How New Mexico schools are spending $1B in pandemic funding.

Developments due to adequate fundings

  • Students who couldn’t afford a device got free laptops and mobile phones to study without any problem.
  • The staff has been given vaccinations and disinfecting materials, and teachers and students did get free internet.
  • The funding has initiated many new programs for the students from which their education can be financed.

The government keeps education as the top priority of every student, and heavy price per student has been funded for the purpose. 

Mike Paul

Mike was one of the founding members of DMR, he was a pivotal figure in the early stages of DMR. Mike has since left the team to pursue his career in software development.

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