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Doordash Adds Safety Features To Help Protect Drivers

ByMike Paul

Nov 24, 2021

Doordash Adds Safety Features To Help Protect Drivers

According to the San Francisco delivery company, It is doing a partnership with a security company on new features available for all the US door dash drivers by this year. It is a new system where the drivers who are feeling unsecured can easily connect with the ADT agent by using the button in the application of door dash. The agents always stay on the phone until the driver feels comfortable, and if the driver stops communicating, the attitude will call for proper observation.

The door dash application also adds an emergency assistant button where the drivers can easily swipe to let the ADT agent know that they require immediate help. ATT agents connect s and remain in touch with drivers using text messages. It enhances safety by following different high-profile attacks on the delivery drivers. In March, a door dash driver who is 19 years old in Columbus was beaten as he got confused about the target address. In the same month, two Washington teens Have assaulted Uber with a stun gun that has caused the vehicle’s crash. In August, a door-dash driver was also shot to death while making deliveries. So these problems can easily be solved by using the door dash application. Safety matters a lot!

Key features

Recently door dash has launched a new application toolkit known as safe Dash for providing an additional security measure for the dashers. It is a term that the company uses for couriers. These features include many safety reassurance calls as well as an emergency assistant button. Safe Dash Is mainly powered by the security firm, which initially rolled out in Chicago, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. All the couriers of door dash in the US will access these features by the end of this year.

All these features are considered to be a part of the efforts of door-dash for boosting courier safety. It also follows an uptick In violence for the drivers who are facing problems. All the new features of the door dash help increase the sense of safety for the couriers and some of whom also adjust their hours by carrying weapons for self-protection. In the city of New York, thefts of electrical bikes doubled in your 2020.

Safe Dash has provided the couriers with the ability to connect with an ADT agent who remains on the phone until the worker feels safe. If any situation becomes serious, audit, call 911, and request assistance to reach the last location. It is all based on the GPS from this smartphone of the courier. Courier can also swipe buttons if they require any emergency help, and the audit remains in contact with the courier immediately.

Those working for delivery and some other services face dangerous situations that some inattentive drivers and poor infrastructure pose. The delivery applications are considered the beginning for acknowledging to play an important role in keeping the workers safe. So if you want to get more information about the features of door dash, you can browse more information on the internet.

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