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Apple’s New Products Are Ready To Hit The Store

ByMike Paul

May 3, 2021

Apple’s New Products Are Ready To Hit The Store

After so many hours that we spend with our mobile phones and computers, one can agree that technology is none other than man’s best friend. It helps us do so many things like getting work done quickly within a few minutes, booking a cab for ordering food that can recharge instantly, help us connect to our friends and family within a few clicks, and whatnot. One can fairly agree that humans are largely dependent on technology to go about their day. There isn’t even one aspect of the day where one does not use any gadget or product of technology. It is evident right by the time we get up to the sound of the alarm clock and sleep while reading our favourite book on the tab.

Apple products are trustable

One of the most prevalent brands that endorse technology is Apple. Apple is one of the most famous brands, which is known for its quality and high-class performance. Moreover, Apple unveils new products that have rarely disappointed its purchases regarding unbeatable proficiency in their gadgets such as iPhones, iPods, Mac, and MacBook. Due to such commitment to their promise Apple has owned a large scale of loyal customers who prefer using their products only rather than going to another brand.

Coming up: AirTags

Coming up with the newest addition to their catalog of super tech-savvy products comes off the all-new AirTags. AirTags are customized to become another best friend of human beings. This gadget is designed to help you find your lost positions anywhere within a few minutes. When you have the air tag attached to anything, and by any chance, you forget where you have kept your thing, then it can help you find it instantly. However, unconfirmed sources have revealed the information that AirTags work with the help of iPhones only. The AirTags is due to be available in stores very soon, by 30th April, and will need the recent iPhone software update, iOS 14.5. 

There is still room for confirmation whether they would be as operational with the android phones as well or not. A layman who cannot understand how AirTags might work can be described as a GPS for your regular stuff. In such cases, even if you lose your suitcase at the airport, it will not be much difficult to find it.

Protects Data

This way, apple schedules privacy crackdowns for the companies such as Facebook, who work crucially on the user’s phone Information. The AirTags are also expected to work with saving your data as well. Before this, there have been many cases where users have noticed that these apps took permission to use certain software of your phone without their consent. However, with AirTags, nothing happens without a yes from the owner. This way, Facebook and other privacy breaching sites won’t be able to shove customized ads in your home feed the way it happened before.

With these new additions to technology like the AirTags, using gadgets is becoming safer for all users.

Mike Paul

Mike was one of the founding members of DMR, he was a pivotal figure in the early stages of DMR. Mike has since left the team to pursue his career in software development.

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