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Earth-Warming Emissions Show Warning Signs From Pandemic

ByMike Paul

May 1, 2021

Earth-Warming Emissions Show Warning Signs From Pandemic

Our earth is the main source of life for us. The basic needs for survival that we require are given to us by mother nature. The air, the food, the soil, everything has its basis in the matures lap. We can also agree with the fact that nature is full of fascination. We haven’t been so many places, so many resources we haven’t discovered yet. There is always a chance of possibility on this planet. Not only that it gives us our need for survival, but it also gives us a way to earn our livelihood. There are so many minerals and elements created from the resources that we get from here.

Human greed against nature

The list of everything that we get from here is endless. We can never thank enough mother nature for everything that it gives us. However, there is a sad fact attached to it. It is the never-ending quest for privilege by human greed. Humans have become so thankless, and rather, we are indulging in such exploitative behavior. We are overusing the resources to the extent that it can become lethal for us. Human greed and the need for excessive convenience have led to a point where we are damaging the earth that it can get very difficult to get back to what we have lost.

Rising pollution levels

Every day the levels of pollution are soaring. If you stand still at the end of any street, you can realize that the pollution is all around us when it comes to air, water, and noise. The air of some major cities of this world is so toxic that if one continues to live there, it will result in nothing but chronic breathing problems and asthma, and maybe even lung cancer. Talking about water pollution, all the factories and production units discharge all the waste that they generate into the rivers, making the water poisonous for humans and the marine life to live in it.

Also, after the pandemic

During the lockdown times when the world was shut, there was an observable change in nature. This was sole because there were much lesser cars outside, and all the factories and other pollutants were in control. This has to nature some time to relax. However, coming back from the lockdown, that couldn’t be continued. Moreover, there were more excessive levels of pollutants. People went overboard with excessive traveling with their cars; factories were back to old ways of working, and it all just harmed our planet once again.

The lockdown times made us all understand how a little effort can make a lot of change in the climate and nature. Cutting some part of pollution and taking up more environmentally friendly ways of working will bring us nothing but a better life for ourselves only.

The solutions to saving nature lie in front of us only. How to implement it for our good depends on us.

Mike Paul

Mike was one of the founding members of DMR, he was a pivotal figure in the early stages of DMR. Mike has since left the team to pursue his career in software development.

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