All About New Streaming Platform of FIFA

BySheldon Wong

Apr 30, 2022
FIFA Streaming Platform

The popularity of football is so massive that it can’t be overstated. Football is one of the most-watched sports across the globe for years. Because of this most of the leagues are organized throughout the year, where different countries and clubs use to participate and entertain the audience. The love for this game is so immense that, it has now transformed into emotion and dramatically generates billions of revenues throughout the year. 

Unlike other leagues, one of the most celebrated and hypothetically popular tournaments organized by them is the FIFA world cup. Millions of the fans gather to witness the live game held in different parts of the country. Moreover, the tournament is celebrated as a giant festival by the fans. Keeping its admiration in consideration, many online streaming platforms bid for billions to own the proprietorship for streaming the game.

More about FIFA

FIFA has recently entered the online streaming business community by launching its soccer streaming platform FIFA+. Services offered by them are free for now, featuring many documentaries and live games. But, in the long run, they might plan to introduce the streaming of the upcoming FIFA world cup itself at a cost, generally by charging a subscription fee. FIFA portraying itself as the rivalry of the other media companies already existing in the market will also promote its sponsorship. 

As discussed earlier that the platform is not showing any interest in charging the subscription fee till now, but potentially in the future, they might come up with a plan for it. Although, the platform is huge, apart from the subscription charges the free materials will always be there for the fans as quoted by the FIFA director of strategy Charlotte Burr. The content involves the live soccer games from the domestic leagues throughout the world for entertainment. The platform is also facilitating online quizzes, voting games, predictors, and fantasy games. 

The streaming platform is initially launching in five different languages including English, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. The platform had plans to add a few more languages concerning Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Korean and Japanese in the upcoming few months. 

That is to be done for the football fans wishing to connect and explore the global soccer game. 

Furthermore, the content included in the game is about 3,000 short clips taken from the FIFA archive. It also comprises documentaries, long-form and short-form featured films, and behind-the-scenes. The platform also consists of originally made series based on the legends of soccer like Ronaldinho, Stuart Douglas, Dani Alves, and even hairdresser Sheldon Edwards. 

The platform had claimed to stream about 40,000 live games from 100 member associations and 1,000 women’s matches each year. Due to being the inchoate platform, the streaming of very limited leagues will be shown because the rights of other popular leagues were already reserved by the existing media companies available in the market. The lesser popular and unreserved leagues like Superliga, Slovak Fortuna Liga, and Polish Ekstraklasa will be streamed initially. As the platform had already gathered a huge fanbase, it is anticipated that over 200 million users will hit the FIFA+ by the end of this calendar year.   

Sheldon Wong

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