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TikTok Commences Trial Version of TikTok Notes in Canada and Australia

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 21, 2024
TikTok Commences Trial Version of TikTok Notes in Canada and Australia

TikTok Commences Trial Version of TikTok Notes in Canada and Australia

TikTok has launched a new app called TikTok Notes, positioning itself as a direct competitor to Instagram.

This app, now available for download via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in Canada and Australia, marks the beginning of TikTok’s expansion into a new form of social media focused primarily on photo and text content.

The debut of TikTok Notes is still in its nascent phase, as described by the company on the social media platform X, indicating that this is just the start of its rollout. TikTok Notes is described as “a dedicated space for photo and text content,” aiming to enrich the TikTok community’s experience.

The company envisions its users utilizing this new platform to share various aspects of their lives, from adventures and creative expressions to everyday moments, through engaging photo posts.

TikTok’s announcement didn’t delve deeply into the specific features and functionalities of TikTok Notes but highlighted that users could seamlessly log in using their existing TikTok accounts.

This integration suggests a user-friendly approach, allowing for a smooth transition and immediate access for TikTok’s existing user base. The app’s description in the stores provides a glimpse into the kind of content TikTok Notes aims to foster: it mentions a lifestyle platform where users can explore photo-text content about personal experiences, travel tips, and daily recipes.

Visual elements of TikTok Notes, as revealed through screenshots on the App Store, include a user interface that displays posts in a two-column grid on the home page. Additionally, users have the option to share multiple images in a single post through a carousel feature, which could enhance the storytelling aspect of the platform.

Collage of screenshots showcasing the user interface and features of the TikTok Notes app
Credits: TikTok

The development and testing of TikTok Notes were hinted earlier in the month, which also speculated on the name of this new application. The strategic decision to launch TikTok Notes doesn’t come as a surprise considering TikTok’s existing capabilities that support image and text posts.

However, the creation of TikTok Notes appears to be an effort to isolate and enhance this feature, providing a specialized platform that could better compete with similar features from Meta’s Instagram and Threads.

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Featured Image courtesy of @TikTokComms on X

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