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Steam Accounts Cannot Be Inherited, Confirms Valve

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jun 2, 2024

Steam Accounts Cannot Be Inherited, Confirms Valve

Valve has clarified that Steam accounts are non-transferable upon the owner’s death, which means users cannot bequeath their game libraries through a will. This policy was confirmed in a recent interaction on the Resetera forum, where a user inquired about including their Steam library in their will, only to be informed that this is not possible.

The Steam platform, boasting over 132 million monthly active users, adheres strictly to its terms, preventing any transfer of accounts or merging of game contents with another account.

The gaming community’s reaction to this revelation has been mixed. While some gamers have shown disappointment, expressing frustration over the inability to pass on their digital game collections, others have displayed a more resigned attitude, suggesting informal workarounds such as sharing login information.

These users propose that heirs could continue using the account by updating payment and personal details, thereby bypassing the official restrictions.

However, this approach carries potential risks. Some community members have raised concerns that using an account beyond the expected lifespan of the original owner could prompt Valve to investigate. Such scrutiny might lead to the termination of the account if it becomes apparent that the original user has passed away, in line with Valve’s current policies.

This issue not only impacts gamers but also reflects broader concerns about digital ownership. Similar situations have occurred in other digital realms, such as when Bruce Willis discovered he couldn’t legally transfer his iTunes music collection to his heirs. This ongoing debate underscores the complexities and limitations of digital content ownership, which often does not confer the same rights as physical property.

In response to these user concerns, Valve is testing a new “Steam Families” feature, which would allow game sharing among friends and family members. This feature, still in beta, promises to enhance flexibility in game sharing but does not alter the fundamental policy regarding the non-transferability of Steam accounts upon the user’s death.

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