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Al-Baik.Com, Al-Baik Foods Trading Private Limited Expands To Tier 2 And Tier 3 Cities In India

ByEthan Lin

May 30, 2024
Al-Baik.Com, Al-Baik Foods Trading Private Limited Expands To Tier 2 And Tier 3 Cities In India

California, May 28, 2024 Al-Baik Foods Trading Private Limited is thrilled to announce the expansion of its renowned food brand, Al-Baik.Com, into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across India. This strategic move comes after establishing a formidable presence in major Tier 1 cities with over 185 operational franchise stores, bringing the beloved Al-Baik culinary experience to a wider audience. 

Founded in 2009 by visionary entrepreneur Mr. Syed Bilal Ahmad, Al-Baik has made a significant impact on the fast-food industry by blending Middle Eastern and Indian flavors. What started as a single restaurant in Lucknow has evolved into a widely recognized brand known for high-quality ingredients, exceptional service, and a mouth-watering menu that has captivated millions. 

“Our mission has always been to provide great taste coupled with excellent service. As we extend our footprint to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, we aim to bring the same level of quality and satisfaction to new communities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the Al-Baik experience,” said Mr. Syed Bilal Ahmad, the owner and founder of Al-Baik.Com in India

The expansion is driven by Al-Baik’s dedication to offering a diverse menu that caters to various tastes. Each restaurant serves a variety of dishes, from the iconic fried chicken to flavorful shawarma wraps and signature garlic sauce. The brand’s unwavering commitment to freshness and quality has been the cornerstone of its success, setting it apart in a competitive marketplace. 

Al-Baik.COm would like to clarify that it is the only registered brand under the ownership of Mr. Syed Bilal Ahmad. The company Al-Baik Foods Trading Private Limited operates independently and is not affiliated with ELBAIK Food Systems Company S.A. This ensures that the dishes served at Al-Baik.Com franchise stores and restaurants are unique and distinct from those of any other entity, maintaining the brand’s authenticity and originality. 

As Al-Baik franchise embarks on this new chapter, the brand is eager to connect with new customers and communities, sharing its passion for great food and service. The expansion into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities underscores the brand’s growth and its commitment to making high-quality food accessible to all. 

“We are excited to bring the Al-Baik.Com experience to more regions across India,” added Mr. Syed Bilal Ahmad. “Our brand’s success has been fueled by the loyalty of our customers, and we look forward to welcoming new fans as we continue our expansion journey.” 

For more information about franchise opportunities and Al-Baik’s expansion plans, visit their website or contact their headquarters in Lucknow. 

About AL-BAIK: 

Al-Baik is a leading food brand based in Lucknow, India, renowned for its delicious and high-quality Middle Eastern-inspired fast food. Established in 2009 by Syed Bilal Ahmad, the brand operates over 185 franchise stores across the country. With a mission to offer great taste and exceptional service, Al-Baik.Com continues to win the hearts of food lovers nationwide.  

Contact Info:
Name: Syed Bilal Ahmad
Email: Send Email
Organization: AL-BAIK.COM
Address: Al-Baik Foods Trading Private Limited, 1/261 Viram Khand 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow – 226010, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: +919450045050

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