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Know About How Microsoft Pledges To Let EU Users Keep Data Inside The Bloc

ByMike Paul

May 31, 2021

Know About How Microsoft Pledges To Let EU Users Keep Data Inside The Bloc

All the countries have the information they want to keep private and secure from all kinds of online invaders and hackers. Some companies offer software that provides cloud computing to the users with a high level of security and ensures that all the data is kept under one platform so that there is no need to search for it in various places. Microsoft is among those companies offering all the EU users to keep their data in a bloc of 27 countries. In this way, all the countries can keep all their sensitive information by themselves and only access it.

What is the EU bloc?

The EU bloc is the second-largest in the world after the US. It was last valued in 2014 and was around 18.5 trillion. Some of the largest economies, including Germany, Spain, the UK and Italy, form around 70% in 28 countries. It was formerly called the European Community and has undergone an extensive and huge enlargement with a common aim to create a place for all the markets, products, and capitals, further promoting free trade between all the active members part of the same.  

What is offered by Microsoft?

All the citizens in the EU, including all the businessmen and public sector workers, can keep cloud computing beyond the usual storage commitments offered by the country, ensuring that the users do not face any issues in the process and store their entire data effortlessly without even having to remove it at all. This is all promised by Brad Smith, who is the president of the US Technology Giants. This service was announced via a blog post in early May among the rising concerns of security. The responses to all the commitments wanted by the customers on all the major data residency concerns are provided well in time. The service is applied to some of the core services offered by Microsoft, including Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

The pledge made by the company is unbreakable and is being worked on. Besides, the company operates in mainly 13 European countries, including Switzerland, France and Germany. Therefore, it can easily challenge the government of any other country if a sufficient basis is provided to it or if there are any other personal requests from the users in a very smooth and easy manner.  

Why is it being done?

The transatlantic protection of data always concerns the top court of the European Union and struck an agreement called Privacy Shield in the last year. This agreement allowed all the businesses to transfer all the data to the US cloud from the EU under some strict ground rules that are private and confidential enough for anyone to know. Though they were invalid, they still protected the government from snooping on the data of its users. Moreover, by ensuring the safety of the users, it is made sure that the data is not stolen and remains with the owner always. 

Thus, by offering this bloc to most EU citizens, they have provided them with a safe platform and a safe place for storing everything they find confidential and important and is not worth sharing. With all the countries maintaining their security level and exchanging information in a set pattern, it makes the platform an ideal choice for every country and all the users of the same.

Detailed guides are provided to the organizations and business owners to get the best results out of it and not misplace any important information by chance. All the deals and agreements can be sent in this way in the fastest time and not get in the hands of other sources in between. Besides, a blueprint of all the foreign deals and reports can also be kept on this platform for an indefinite time till the time they are ready to be sent to other countries if needed. It thus is the best way to protect any democracy and bring out transparent standards that are the same for everyone. This service is paid most of the time and charges the countries within a pact or a deal they follow with them. 

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