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Vaccine maker BioNTech to use mRNA tech to target malaria

ByMike Paul

Aug 14, 2021

Vaccine maker BioNTech to use mRNA tech to target malaria

Global challenge – Coronavirus

Ever since the coronavirus hit the entire world, all the leading health institutions began their search for a solution for the same. Many health institutions and medical centers tried out their techniques, bio, and technology to create vaccines that will the world get rid of the pandemic by stopping it from spreading from one person to another.

In the current time, several approved vaccines are being taken by the population. BioNTech is a renowned company specializing in pharmaceuticals, based in Berlin, which came up with a technology initially used to eradicate the coronavirus. Now it announced that it would be using the same technology to eradicate the harmful disease caused by mosquitoes that is malaria. 

The mentioned company initially partnered with the vaccine brand Pfizer. They successfully created the very first internationally approved vaccine for the coronavirus disease, which various people in the world have already taken. 

And now they want to start with their trials and try and create a highly effective vaccine for malaria which is very safe for everyone to use. They have declared that they want to come out with this vaccine as soon as they can and want, to begin with, the trials till the current year comes to an end.

Death & Malaria

Malaria is a disease that is spread by mosquitos. It affects both humans as well as animals. Suppose it gets to higher levels than it can even cause demise. Every year, large populations of countries plagued by mosquitoes face this problem, and many people even lose their lives.

According to the world health organization’s annual reports, there are about 229 million active cases registered every year from various parts of the world. This disease is a very big threat to people’s lives and is very likely to hit again in big numbers. Young children are majorly affected by this, and it affects the mortality rate severely in young ones. 

Malaria is responsible for over 65 percent of the total death of young kids in the entire world, which is a very high number. There are many other diseases, such as dengue which are spread by mosquitos. And that being said, malaria remains on the top of the list of most harmful mosquito plagued diseases that cause death at high rates.

According to the official reports of the world health organization, 409,000 people have died this past year from malaria itself.  According to the medical experts and leading doctors of the world, making the human body immune to the malaria casing virus is a very difficult endeavor. 

The tricky part of Malaria

Another problem that can be raised in the future is that the variation of malaria-causing virus that already exists may go through mutation and cause a threat. The upcoming vaccine might even prove to be ineffective against them.

But regardless of everything else, the trials will begin soon, and the medical institution and the given pharmaceutical company start with their vaccine trials soon. This can be a big step in the medical world and save the lives of thousands every year. 

Mike Paul

Mike was one of the founding members of DMR, he was a pivotal figure in the early stages of DMR. Mike has since left the team to pursue his career in software development.

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