North Korea tests cameras for spy satellites, may soon launch long-range rocket


Mar 5, 2022
kim jong un

North Korea said that they are planning to launch a rocket of a spy satellite. The cameras have been tested for this,  these cameras will be installed in this spy satellite. This move of the North Korean dictator shows that he is modernizing the North Korean army with Morden technology and weapons and may also test the long-range rockets. However, North Korea is not allowed to conduct such tests. Technical details of the mission however not disclosed. Also, it is unclear and difficult to believe that North Korea has developed such a high range camera that can monitor the rivals but it can come out as a threat to the security of its rival nations US and South Korea.

Though this is also not directly confirmed but according to North Korea’s central news agency KCNA said that in this test cameras were involved for the spy satellite. These cameras are able to capture vertical and slanting pictures of any area of the globe. After repeated failures, North Korea get its first successful satellite launch into orbit in 2012. The second satellite was launched in 2016. North Korea labels both of these satellites as surveillance satellites. Lee Choon Geun Researcher at Science and Technology Policy Institute South Korea said that North Korea may have launched both the satellites for the surveillance on its rival countries, however, he added that there is no evidence of the first launched satellite is still in the orbit. 

According to the reports, on Sunday, a ballistic missile was also tested by North Korea. North Korea has nuclear power and has conducted many tests last month and this test is just another after that. US military of the indo-pacific command has strongly condemned North Korea’s missile test and has asked North Korea to stop off from unrestful activities. In 2017 North Korea tested three ballistic missiles to demonstrate its potential to attack the USA.

The joint staff chief of South Korea said that the ballistic missiles fired by North Korea were fired from a testing site located near Sunan toward its eastern coast. Pyongyang’s international airport that is situated in Sunan is a missile test site, from here the ballistic missile of short-range was fired/tested on January 16th. North Korea performed its test on January 30th before the latest. Then North Korea had also tested a medium-range ballistic missile the Hwasong-12. Defense Minister of Japan Nobuo Kishi said, ‘the series of missile tests were started at the beginning of 2022′. North Korea is continuously working on the rapid development of ballistic missiles and their technology. North Korea may be a potential threat to the security of that realm, Japan, and other international communities.

Cheong Seong-Chang said that North Korea may launch a rocket that carries a spy satellite on a major political event, the birth anniversary of the late grandfather of Kim Jong-un. He added that because tense and strained relations of the USA with China and Russia can make it tougher for the UNSC to declare the more stringent sanctions on North Korea. He said that these tensions may even deepen when the USA and South Korean army will practice military drills which the North Leader sees as an invasion rehearsal.


North Korea may have tested the cameras to launch a satellite to spy on its rival nations. However, it is still unclear that North Korea has done that because North Korea may not have the level of camera required to spy the military bases from space.