What Does North Korea Want From The Recent Weapons Tests


Apr 15, 2022

North Korea has been conducting various weapons tests recently. However, very recently, a North Korean missile exploded right after the takeoff. Ever since the missile explosion, there has been a lot of speculation over the failed launch. Many sources claim that the missile launch’s failure is due to North Korea’s push for intercontinental ballistic missile testing in years. North Korea wants to keep running missile tests as the recent test-missile failure and explosion will not stop the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The North Korean leader has big plans for this year. These plans include boosting the nuclear arsenal. The leader also hopes to challenge their archrival, the US. 

Intercontinental ballistic missile testing

Kim may also use the weapons testing as an important stepping stone for the first-ever intercontinental ballistic missile testing and launch in years. He aims to test the North’s most potent weapon as the diplomacy continues to remain stalled with Washington. It is also unclear what happened with the latest weapon testing and why the missile exploded. There is also no news about when North Korea conducts another missile test. Many observers have agreed that North Korea’s next goal is to have plenty of room for the launch of a spy satellite. This satellite aims to test technology for ICBM simultaneously. The development can ultimately target the United States with several nuclear warheads. 

Weapons tests goals

The missile testing success can further allow Kim to bring new and significant weapons systems and missiles to the arsenal. It will elevate public support in the home nation and increase the leverage for various future negotiations with the United States and Biden administration. A few days before the failed missile launch by North Korea, Pyongyang also conducted missile firings using mid-range ballistic missiles. These missiles are designed for test cameras and reconnaissance satellites. The United States and South Korea officials said these missile launches are meant to test the new ICBM system displayed at the military parade back in 2020 in North Korea. 

North Korean officials are focused on everything that could make them a stronger nation. The new missile testing aims to achieve things that have never been thought of before. Furthermore, Washington’s preoccupation and involvement in the Russia-Ukraine matter and the increasing competition with Beijing will allow North Korea to go on with more weapon testing and provocative weapons demonstrations. 

Last year, Kim Jong Un made a public vow to acquire a spy satellite and a missile. He claimed that they would carry several warheads and can carry out precision attacks that target around 15,000 kilometers away. As stated earlier, North Korea has also put Earth observation satellites. The launches had been carried out to improve the missile technology. There was no evidence proving the launched satellites relayed the space imagery to North Korea. It is said that the North Korean missiles’ performance and efficiency can be low if not supported by reconnaissance satellites. They can use the weapons to strike targets when they acquire accurate information. A new launch can happen in April as it marks the anniversary of Kim Il Sung.